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  • 15 Şubat 2013, Cuma 09:52

Çatlaklarınıza Say Goodbye!

Çatlaklarınıza Say Goodbye!
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Are you frustrated that your skin cracks that make maps? Herbal solutions, the latest medical developments in Turkey, the methods of struggle with skin cracks choose the one that suits you what do you think?

or birth weight have you done, congratulations to both of them! But these cracks forming a kind of maps to get rid of your skin. You are not alone! After all, two of every three women, suffer from the same problem. You worry about the cracks, which çoğunluktansanız looking for the answer to the question How can I return old self, know that you have dreamed a smooth skin. We will investigate this issue all the methods of medical and herbal. Here is your one-way:


Prevent the formation of a possible crack

Are Pregnant? Do not think like kaderinizmiş cracks. Cream during pregnancy has many anti-crack cream, of course, but it alone will not be enough. How is fed equally important. According to the needs of yourself and your baby is eating habits, an expert control of the edit. Purchases and the biggest mistake of excess weight during pregnancy, avoid restricting movements, of course, if your doctor has not told otherwise.

2 Cream and herbal treatment

3 Laser therapy

close to 200 slender steel needles on the skin with a device in the drop-down micro-channels, growth factors, biomimetic peptide and stem cell formulas applied to the middle layer of the skin through these channels . The goal of treatment is to regenerate cells. Painless, can return up to 2 hours of daily life, is a suitable method for all skin types. You can get fast results, this method is applied in Turkey, many private clinics.

EM 5 Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Implementation

a sample of blood taken from you, and get akyuvarlarından separated and subjected to a special treatment as a result of this transaction"Platelet-rich plasma"(PRP) is obtained. So, what is the platelet? Platelets with the healing of the tissues and cause the blood to clot is the name of the other. Therefore, the PRP is injected subcutaneously into the area of ​​the crack, speed up repair of tissue in this region. The successful results of the method said by practitioners.

About the Author:Asli Yazır EM freelance writer and translator. It's , , a comma, super! , Hand in hand, EM and Marie Claire Turkey Yacht Turkey has written articles in magazines such as EM.

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