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  • 12 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 12:32

Causes of Birth to do a lot of gallstone formation

Causes of Birth to do a lot of gallstone formation
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Diyarbakır Memorial Hospital General Surgeon Specialist Op.

Diyarbakır news: Diyarbakır Memorial Hospital General Surgeon Specialist Op. Dr.. Erkan Dalbastı the precursor to serious diseases of gall bladder stones and said,"So give birth leads to the formation of gallstones,"he said.
important diseases of gallbladder disease among general surgery, indicating that the Op. Dr.. Erkan Dalbastı, in particular gallstones warned that should be taken into consideration. Of the pain in the upper right side of the stomach, gall bladder stone may be a harbinger to a specialist physician should be consulted without delay that Dr.. Dalbastı, gall stones, middle-aged, white-skinned, obese, and much more common in women who have given birth, he said. Dr.. Dalbastı of society throughout the ages 60 and over one third of the stones in the gallbladder or mud is seen to express, hemolytic anemia, liver cirrhosis, diabetes and bile ducts congenital diversity in those stone incidence increases noted. Dr.. Dalbastı,"the gall bladder stone in the percent of patients in 30 to 40 symptoms of the disease are seen. These patients most pure ¬ ra bladder, gall stones throw effort is seen. Cystic duct stones resulting from obstruction of sudden onset, severity, growing 3-6 hours after the slow slowly decreasing pain are observed. attack near the upper right abdominal pain after the epigastric region and continued, this feeling of nausea, accompanied by vomiting. Congestion can lead to inflammation of the gallbladder wall,"he said.
"FEMALE gallstones are more common"
incidence of gallstones from community to community, depending on dietary habits and genetic predisposition that Dr. vary. Dalbastı, its a common disease, especially in women, he said. Dr.. Dalbastı,"especially in women in older age incidence is increasing. Gallstone with gallbladder cancer also partially related. Gallstone patients with an average of 5 percent in the gallbladder cancer can be seen. Gall bladder stones, bile duct down there blockage and this was the obstructive jaundice, cholangitis attacks and inflammation of the pancreas as the more serious complications leads. Biliary tract often an obstruction or prolonged blockage or inflammation regardless of liver disease, cirrhosis can develop into. therefore signs of liver failure in the body swelling, abdominal swelling, bleeding may occur. symptoms without causing navigating bile stone in the treatment of different opinions, although there are diabetes and medical follow-up regularly will not be made in patients with surgical intervention gallbladder removal is recommended. Nowadays, gallstones treatment of laparoscopic easily maintained. abdominal area entered from the 3 or 4-port acute cholecystitis, even if laparoscopic gallbladder surgery made usually after a day patient is discharged. Moreover middle entered single-port Sils method ever without a trace gall bladder surgery can be done,"he said.
"After the surgery, fresh fruits and vegetables must be eaten, PLENTY OF WATER should be drunk"
Op. Dr.. Erkan Dalbastı, postoperative period, the patient should pay special attention to diet, he said. Dr.. Dalbastı,"especially fatty foods should stay away from. Some oil over fish that are outside the consumption of fish is suitable for the fish in olive oil, frying is recommended. Digestion is difficult fried foods reduction or limitation is useful. Dining cooking oils, nutrients from animal fats less now because of choice is more appropriate. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be eaten. Patients If you are experiencing constipation-fiber foods should be preferred. Patients should also consume plenty of fluids"he said.

Causes of Birth to do a lot of gallstone formation" comments for.


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