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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 09:46

Causes of Male Infertility in Laptop Computers

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Dr.. Elif adult, the number of sperm in the reproductive organs of temperature increase, decrease haraketlilig and kaletis career, stating that"his laptop in the temperature increase leads to infertility in men,"he said.
adult, in his statement, in the reproductive organs of heat with increased sperm count, motility and a decrease in quality that, saying,"Men, sperm production in the body at normal temperature of 1 degree takes place under. Yet recent research, wi-fi use laptops male reproductive organs in the heat normal body temperature 2 degrees off on what was detected. Fertility and Sterility published in the journal, an experimental study based on the result, if the legs are way off on your lap with a laptop sitting if the 11 minutes, legs closed, the protective pad and the ferry is 14 minutes later and legs open the pads and sit for 28 minutes when the heat one says is growing,"he said.
Ergin, wireless internet-connected laptop computer related research results was evaluated as follows:
"This study wireless internet-connected laptop computer use male sperm on the compare the effect is the first study research. radiation fall below the sperm forward movement of the decrease in immobile sperm whereas the number was found to increase. Moreover Wi-Fi computer connected to the stands close to the sperm, high rates of DNA damage was detected."

Causes of Male Infertility in Laptop Computers" comments for.


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