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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:12

Cavcav:Football in Europe have received a great blow

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Genclerbirligi President Ilhan Cavcav with Melbourne Victory Chairman Mustafa Yolbulan, sports, following the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal CAS banned from Fenerbahce and Besiktas rated games of the European Cup.

Genclerbirligi President Cavcav,"received a major blow to Football in Europe", but then Yolbulan Melbourne Victory Chairman,"I do not the good of the club the club's poor on the other. Everybody should be good for him, each other We need to help.", he said.

Melbourne Victory Club President Mustafa Yolbulan,"took a serious wound.'s not just Besiktas Fenerbahce were banned from Europe. Larger teams are designed according to the budgets of currencies from Europe. now a serious income were deprived of. Plus it was inevitably a loss of reputation, who no matter what."he continued as follows:

"Maybe it will lead to the restructuring of administrative sense Fenerbahce. Biran ago, before further damage is football, 18 teams, 18 Chairman, by the management should be informed by 18. This job is just what Liverpool 'What is to be released in the Anatolian clubs business. This is a union job. together by moving to what can be done without damaging Clubs Association conference in football as well as our interviews with presidents already are dealing with. Having no other club, the good of the club is not bad. Everybody should be good for him, We need to help each other."

Genclerbirligi President Ilhan Cavcav

a"big handicap for Turkish football. UEFA criticize the decision given is not correct."saying, you said:

"God willing, will be a milestone for Turkish football since July 3, 2011. It is thus not the events in our country should not even believe rumors. Futbolumuz received a major blow in Europe. But I do not have anything to do . then all the teams will be more careful. For that reason, such events do not, do not think there will be even rumors."

Cavcav:Football in Europe have received a great blow" comments for.


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