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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:25

Celebrating Small Business Week was the First Time in Mus

Celebrating Small Business Week was the First Time in Mus
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Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) once the province of Mus SME Week, was celebrated with a ceremony.

Muş news: Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) once the province of Mus SME Week, was celebrated with a ceremony. KOSGEB participating in entrepreneurship courses at the ceremony certificates were distributed to 120 participants.
European SME Week event was held within the framework of the celebration program. The ceremony at the Cultural Center Vedat Büyükersoy Governor, Mayor Necmettin Dede, MSI Vice Rector. Dr.. Help necip, KOSGEB Counsel Ali Celik, corporate chiefs and entrepreneurs and business owners attended. The ceremony began with the reading of the National Anthem at the opening speech KOSGEB IR s Kenan Merge Manager, Muş the first time in celebration of SME Week events, he said. Mergen,"our country from 2009 onwards 37 participating countries taking part in, including the European SME Week, in 2013 continues. SME Week this year, 25 to 30 November 2013 between is celebrated. European SME Week with the support of SMEs, the EU ' The national authorities and other relevant organizations, to support and to promote, support entrepreneurship and young people in entrepreneurship tempt aims,"he said.
Merger conversation continued as follows:"Our country actively participated the European SME Week in 2010 under the 37 participants in the country the number of events in terms of third place, while in 2011 and 2012 are described in the According to statistics, the first row has increased. KOSGEB have obtained the first place we also we will continue to keep going. Sensing, just chill-out area, adaptable, tireless, a generation, the formation and development needs. matter how very entrepreneurial businesses, if tough economic conditions, employment causes. KOSGEB entrepreneurs realize their dreams to be able to open horizons and the country's economy to grow, increase employment to 30 thousand grant 70 thousand repayable new entrepreneur support all entrepreneurs opened and supported."
Mus Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chamber President Orhan Demirtürkoğl with the Mus Chamber of Commerce Board Member Mustafa Senturk SMEs emphasizing the importance of Mus SME supports an important strides could have said.
KOSGEB Officer, Ali Celik, Studies conducted throughout the country and the work done to the economy that supports announced.
Muş Governor Vedat Büyükersoy in his speech,"First, jobs and means. production factors of labor, capital, natural resources, entrepreneurs, and more recently other significant element is trust. Their production is very important factors. especially multi-partner companies can be formed, the trust element of social confidence depends on the presence. trust in societies where the multi-partner of that company is seen. 'What does one hand have two hands, the hands are better than the proverbial' we should not forget. Mus other than provinces, outgoing, and there has been very successful so important businessmen have. Mus it our entrepreneurs the same success in our province show are welcome. Initiative needs risk. Risks can not get the entrepreneurs can not work and food-friendly environment not find it. Our government supports that give richness reached. This support those who are unemployed, while the original project to prepare the responsible agency will be contacting the owner of the business,"he said.
other hand KOSGEB involved in entrepreneurship courses organized by the trainees received their certificates at the ceremony. SME Week activities, the area under the documents trainees to establish a place of business said they wanted to take advantage of KOSGEB. KOSGEB IR l Manager Kenan Mergen, courses organized successful completion of the trainees SME Week in the documents of deploying a separate meaning, noting that entrepreneurs start their own businesses for every kind of support is ready to give, he said.

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