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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:24

Celebrating the 100th Year History of Stone Bridge

Celebrating the 100th Year History of Stone Bridge
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Beyşehir district of Konya , which is considered as the historic district of pearl necklace is celebrated with various activities organized Taşköprü 100th birthday.

Konya news: Photo in Beyşehir , built during the Ottoman period and started serving completed construction work in 1914 , is Beyşehir through the regulator Lake waters of the Konya Plain, BSA channel a century the region and farmland transferring through the life-giving ancient Stone Bridge's 100th age 100 . celebrated the year activities. Photo Beyşehir Municipality Beyşehir to the celebrations held at the bridgehead position by Governor Muzaffer Başıbüyük , Garrison and District Police Commander, Major Mustafa Ozdemir, County Mayor Murat Özaltın , District Police Chief Mustafa Demirgül , the AK Party District Chairman Nafız Huğlu , corporate chiefs , councilors , citizens participated .
\" TUBE PROJECT Photo Janissary shows beginning with the celebration of Beyşehir from the podium at the start of the event Mayor Murat Özaltın , about the historic bridge to speech started information giving . date Taşköprü the voicing of memories in him since childhood is very large Özaltın , the history of having lived a century with the beginning to serve as mayor of the bridge to celebrate its 100th year , he stressed that grant them . An Ottoman works as a municipality on introducing preserve the historic bridge their major tasks that transmits Özaltın fall , for many years through a tube tunnel project imagined Beyşehir necklace with Stone Bridge in all its beauty before our eyes is prepared to be re-lay was also mentioned . < Br/> reminding standing a second bridge is more found in front of the Historic Stone Bridge to look at the boat across the lake Özaltın , this historic venue beauty of the shadows that attract attention, \"This dream of what it is, when you go by boat to the lake Taşköprüy be able to see clearly . My dream , tunnel project. God'courtesy of for better visibility of the Stone Bridge , also we have a new bridge in order to bring better sound in tourism will be removed from here we could bring the project to life. Already , there is a risk in physically pass over the new bridge. so we started the initiative that, if national parks and cultures protection of natural assets we could get permission to remove and install the new bridge in place as soon as possible , we will provide the transition tube passageway here . The next process in this bridge will be removed from here , we will strive for a bridge just like in the picture , \"he said . Photo BEYŞEHİR'< strong> IN NECKLACE Photo Beyşehir Governor Muzaffer Başıbüyük 100 of serving Taşköprü a century. to celebrate the year and met the aim of attracting beauty to everyone's attention voiced organization of this event. laid foundation in 1908 , offered since 1914, Stonebridge of Başıbüyük also reminded that it is a regulator, \"In fact, to regulate the collected water in the pit basin Although there is a bridge , when the water when there's a lot in here that needs to accumulate in an orderly manner intended to send farmland. On the other hand in the face of people over the years come and gone and in terms of facilitating the work of people gave great service . Also, the bridge is also really important as aesthetics are offering. Many provinces in bridges, historic bridges of course available but Beyşehir bridge feature adds beauty to the city's beauty peaks, almost like a necklace as soon as the invention of the town. So this bridge to more attrition , to avoid damaging the strength is the duty of all of us ensure continued existence. Starting off in 1997 to serve the new bridge to traffic while providing a service but of course this historic beauty, the Stone Bridge forms the silhouette of the city casts a shadow . However, about presidents also strongly suggests that the new projects we support . I'm guessing you also support you as Beyşehirli on . Hopefully in the coming years in response to this need in a better way , which is very unaesthetic bridge in front of the Stone Bridge Stone Bridge but also make our state a shading the beauty , I hope they bring our local manager . I wish to be auspicious auspicious of the centenary event of the Stone Bridge , \"he said . Photo 100. YEAR CAKE Fail followed with their families after effectiveness of
Protocol speech 100 handicapped children were given a variety of gifts . Then, in the hands of students with disabilities balloon has created a visual feast together in the field with the Stone Bridge leaving the sky. where visual reflecting the history Taşköprüy scope Events giants being cut by a pie in the protocol , which unfolds over the bridge Beyşehir was held the opening of the exhibition includes photographs . County protocol later while touring exhibition, the event the taekwondo and kick boxing shows held next to the bridge on the other section was followed by a very well received by the participants.


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