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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 19:00

Celebration Day in Cizre

Celebration Day in Cizre
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ŞIRNAK (UAV)-in the town of Cizre in teachers'citizens and members of the protocol was holy .

Şırnak news:
Cizre Governor Mehmet Shamil Horasanlı , Garrison Commander Colonel Onur Air Defense Ozden, District Police Commander, War Cagle, along with Police Chief Poets Başorg holy ceremony held in teachers'bayramlaştı with citizens . Governor of Khorasan, citizens were greeted at the door of the hall . Governor of Khorasan , Cizre , a need to for the beauty of the expression, gave the message of unity and togetherness . Cizre, a historical value has stressed that the Governor of Khorasan , \"in Cizre goodies If it together, we should do this . Inside this from you individually support will ask . Nobody humility you . Emotionally , of course, will be but a better and beautiful're going to . Feast of business in the beginning to get . streets reflected in Cizre Cizre is not . El union with the good things we're gonna do , with the bride do it. this issue also no self-retracting you . Bajara the ( native ) per day, the ( villagers ) self-retracting you . tribes together will be . Cizre much more beautiful deserves . Cizre that horizon lose need . place thousands of years of civilization and it's thousands of years of civilization are the heirs . Cizre if for a beauty if we do , we all do it. yourself retraction and nobody do not hesitate , \"he said .
Governor of Khorasan , in Cizre unrest also mentioning said:
\"Turkey'while the peace all over , have unrest in Cizre . We deserve peace of mind . Children deserve the peace of mind . Cizre with thousands of years of civilization that deserves peace . If we succeed in this together, we will achieve peace . Nobody in this regard are to withdraw from the hand to put under the stone . In the streets there are problems , but these problems necessarily let us know.'ll Have children together . But the point here is to create an awareness that we create together . Kobani'de burning all around us and have a hardship and tragedy . Goddamn nation There is something that messes . This is our suffering , our pain . But this is a reflection of the pain and the folks here would be a pity if it returns to the gas . After you find here for her peace of mind that this is reflected in that way . But here also affects the other side of the unrest . His feast for the children's feast , whether because of the children it is right. \"
Governor of Khorasan , teachers in the holy ceremony after accompanying with Cizre State Hospital , go to patient visits found. Horasanlı , children's services in children closely interested , gifts are distributed.
Governor of Khorasan , after a visit to the hospital to visit the prison and the Police Department has left the hospital .

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