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  • 27 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 09:34

Celebrities have come together to Bodrum

Celebrities have come together to Bodrum
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Muğla's Bodrum district came together in the arts, business , sports and many celebrities from the world of politics , the basement was discussed.

Muğla news: Muğla's Bodrum district came together in the arts, business , sports and many celebrities from the world of politics , the basement was discussed.
Bodrum Chamber of Commerce , a part of his life spent in the district arts, business, sports and politics with the dinner organized his men brought together . Former Trabzon sports president Sadri Sener , series and film actress Ozan Güven, Ceyda Düvenci Mehmet Aslantuğ Erdal Özyağcı , football commentator and former referee Erman Toroglu a lot like the famous names arranged dinner attended. To the cellar hand in hand, leading the district how to contribute they discussed .
Famous actor and director Mehmet Aslantuğ , Bodrum to protect their name it would do , saying, \"Artists with our friends together for years, we have come a town in the basement. Their values ​​outside the artist our friends in the kinship established a town . Marmaris , Kusadasi and its many urbanized towns not as still characteristic structure that protects our region . a very important peninsula . Hopefully the town council recommended in conjunction with this construction to the urbanization of disposal. especially in tourism resort's brand as the value for the radical decisions needed to be able to continue , \"he said .
South Aegean ROAD MOVIE
Aslantuğ , explaining the new projects ,\"we come and go in the basement for 10 years American connection in the basement we have a movie shot here we have a studio . Milas is in the mountain village also have a two story of the South Aegean . We have prepared a drama, but could not due to a history of Istanbul . In the forthcoming period, we plan to implement them . If you are into the story of the dramatic depth we better , \"he said .
CEYDA Düvenci BASEMENT moving to
celebrities who come to the basement for 20 years If a player Ceyda Düvenci , \"I'm every summer Bodrum'd . This year, the 20th anniversary of my departure I come into the basement . I love the basement . Every year all the plants flourish even see that regeneration is very enjoyable. Bodrum as a holiday resort for me ; If you want a quiet holiday can very peaceful , when you want to listen to the most beautiful concerts and live music , you know, everything I jump in the intensity of winter in the basement collar I know within 3 months . I can spend time in the basement, very nice . Our very favorite artist friends can have the chance to listen live . Very quiet time I'm having a lot of fun from time spent in the can so to Bodrum am thinking to move anytime soon , \"he said . Düvenci new projects, asking reporters Trt screens that the good news , giving fans sent a message .
Famous Poets players trust in Istanbul, Bodrum , stressing that small , \"I'm müdavimlerind of Bodrum . I agree to the basement for the first time tonight , but if you are willing to do our best . Bodrum is growing every year . For now our basement yapılaştırıl not think we should do what we can . Going too crowded , small as Istanbul was no longer in the basement. Bur the wind , the sea here , here air any locations changed. This is the beauty of love and the beauty to be permanent for my best thinking of doing , \"he said. Recent feature film hit theaters that and for a year in another project take place that tells Poets , on October 3 release of the film would be told .

famous football commentator Erman Toroglu the last 15 years in the basement lived , saying, \"In the world There are 3 places , one in Brazil , Keyptaun the one here, but we're not aware of it . Pedasa I have a place where the castle there into the basement of a cable car is pulled out, would be great , but we these beauties are not aware of , \"he said .
Then the dinner held last guests in the basement What activities do they discussed .

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