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  • 17 Ağustos 2013, Cumartesi 12:55

Celebrity drug pretext

Celebrity drug pretext
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Narcotics operation, heavy work sets the beat of the series of films was not on the agenda.

To the end of the famous names of those detained narcotics operation, heavy work sets the beat of the series of films was not on the agenda.

According to Radikal newspaper, drug use and detained for supplying many famous names,"Sequence shooting pace of work due to the heavy drinking,"he claimed.

Istanbul Narcotic Branch police last week, after a year of technical and physical surveillance 'drug dealer', which carried out an operation against street vendors. Eray Özbal'ın Yeşilçam'ın of drug dealers, including veteran of the penthouse and Cihangir house was allegedly turned into drug greenhouse. Torbacılardan 'goods' many famous names attached to the area and follow-up of 60 people, including the decision was made about the detention. Other names of 15 people arrested have been released by the prosecution or judicial control.

Two more free

In operation, the names of those who passed and director of player Uluç Bayraktar Reza Kocaoglu detained at the airport in Italy were referred to the prosecutor's office. Kocao? Lu and W Bayraktar morning? Layan'daki was taken to the Court of Istanbul. Bayraktar savcylyk free kaldy ardyndan query. Kocao? Son was referred to the request of the judicial control? I byrakyldy court released on bail of 50 thousand pounds.
Clear Tüzünataç'ın abroad only part of the operation is expected to return to Turkey and learned nothing about the transaction can not be done.

'I will taste the famous Vatan'

taken into custody, Murat Yıldırım, Koray Candemir not use in any way, and Erika Terzi said in their statements. Some other names"Abroad in Amsterdam used,"he informed. Many famous people"series sets these days due to the use of heavy working conditions. We're standing with them,"he revealed. In the meantime, the Istanbul Security Directorate of the famous names in custody,"referring to Vatan each day you will taste the famous,"he said in his sense of humor.
Radikal a senior police officer providing information, celebrity talk, the same set of the most striking point environment, together with the people who are using drugs, he said. The same official media"is on display in Hall"in reaction to news"enter through the same door as everyone remains in custody. No concession to anyone,"he said. Radical

Celebrity drug pretext" comments for.


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