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Celebrity Hair Models You Can!

Celebrity Hair Models You Can!
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Jessica Simpson and Kate Hudson have in common? Sexy wavy curls spilled. Worthy of the red carpet celebrity hairdresser do not need to go in order to achieve these braids. Here celebrities ways of doing curls and waves at home:


Waves with buckle

after securing that all of your hair, curls easily in light hair spray to prevent distortion. Then wrap your head in a scarf and wait a few hours. Carefully open and remove the wire scarf buckles. Naturally, messy hair with your fingers to create a look and mix.

2 Knob

the same thing apply to the remaining portions, and soak for at least 30 minutes, after the high-temperature machine, hair dryer, adjusting the knobs to the hair prior to resolving hold two to three minutes. Give shape to the hair using your fingers.

3.Üç Roller Hair tongs

to avoid burning your hair, hold the tool so that the hair from the root two inches away. Lock of hair from the bottom and hold for five seconds extruder. Open the lower end of the portion you're trading with the styler and continue the same process. Continue until it reaches the end of the hair.

all hair is complete, stir up the waves in order to provide a more natural effect and, finally, the hair spray.

Even if you use EM Heat Stylers

company, Bright Whether your hair

Heat working shapers, hair drying can lead to unwanted frizz. To preserve the beauty of your hair, always heat-protective spray before using these tools use. Humidify the secret to healthy and shiny hair, so make sure you use every wash, moisturizing shampoo and cream. To be used after the two-minute hair repair masks and moisturizing foam will help make her soft and beautiful.

About the Author: Marie Calica, Marie Claire's beauty editor, and EM TheBeautyCoach.wordpress.comold blog
founder. Writings often The Style Glossy Turkey EM 's Turkey contributes to the edition.

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