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  • 06 Haziran 2013, Perşembe 21:37

Celebrity Secret in their hair!

Celebrity Secret in their hair!
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Celebrities, how their hair shiny, soft and able to keep a great? We asked for the secrets of the best experts.

Celebrities, how their hair shiny, soft and able to keep a great? We asked for the secrets of the best experts.


hair color

Celebrity hair, because it looks like another dünyadanmış colors are always excellent. Is not no time screeching shadows (Kate Hudson), brown hair, always bright (Sandra Bullock), and the hair looks like it was opened in the sun (Giselle), even in times of winter, seen the dead."Perfect attendance is everything when it comes to colors,"says stylist Jayne Wild."These women are going to experts, the best hair dye color, the right hair products to protect your home and never use a hair salon appointments, never missing,"he adds.

The Happiness


Stars, his hair cut by without too much effort is often different style bürünüyorlar millions, millions of hair gel, bobby pin or without a helmet. Versatile styles, shoulder length or slightly shorter than chin level floors but not short and stubby."To maintain the shape of your hair on a regular basis and maintain a healthy appearance must nap,"says stylist Shane Henning.

Invest in the right


Take a look at stardom baths, we are confident that you will see the following:
hair that much damage to others and dries in half the time of the latest model of ionic hair dryer,

not burn the hair and keeps moisture in the hair longer than Teflon plate hair straighteners
electricity, reducing a good quality hair brush made from natural hair.

Wild,"Many famous, if you have the best tools if they believe they will have a great hair also, that this is absolutely true,"he says.




Stare at special events or just to go to the supermarket is true that hair stylists shape. However, many of the most effective hair tools and products they want to show them how to kullanacaklarının."They live their lives in their respective fields and hairdressers can not see at all times,"says Wild."Mostly, we are showing them how to do the messy hair or straight blower is fine, and some manage to do it themselves."And who can not? They also have a large collection of hats and hair eşarplarından.

Think Twice to view


Many women

, Giselle and Jessica Parker adopted, bad hair days, like a drug that has the look of the bed to be fresh out of the ordinary thinker style. Figure not distribute unruly hair, spray and go. But this kind of yakışmayabilir everyone. To tell the truth stardom, her hair in front of the cameras as if by an expert after hours by spraying karartıldıktan embark on a new kalkmışçasına. Ambitions, often resulting in sloppy appearing on harcamamışçasına no effort to appear sexy. If you are in doubt, scattered, choose the knob.

Do not expect it to do the same person-All Hair Operations

Hair in the world in general is a very good hair cut and hair dye experts are rare, but the only person to be an expert in both, so it makes all the wonders of scissors instead of finding a single person who is a stylist and find a great specialist in hair dye colors, revealing .


hair treatment

One is the habit of straightening your hair

verify that the thermo-forming and bleaching, hair broom wire may like."Red carpet hair yet been carried out because they do not see it, but many of the celebrities, hair styling damage caused to protect the health and restorative treatments per week at home, they have to do to resolve,"says Henning.

Use it wisely


simple hairstyles look gorgeous great accessories. Hair buckle decorated with a large silk flower attached to the bottom or a low bun, reveal the elegance of the evening. The fluffy hair freshly washed hair bands gather together in amazing ways.

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