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  • 01 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 09:41

Celebrity Wedding Engaging Sunnah

Celebrity Wedding Engaging Sunnah
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Famous names in the art world , I DENETEA Chairman Erdal Dogan Dogan pair Yeliz with children and Ayman Bera kirvelik made ​​in the circumcision .

İstanbul news:
DENETEA International Independent Auditors Inc. Chairman Erdal Dogan and Yeliz nature pair , children Bera and Ayman's on the Bosphorus shore In the restaurant the circumcision ceremony from each other celebrities attended.
Presenter Asim Yildirim his wedding , about 500 people attended. Wedding in the Model Sea Akkaya, Server Saba Tumer, Artist Yeliz will, player Zuhal Topal and musician wife Korhan Saygıner Server Reha Yeprem , broadcasters, Hopde we Ayhan, Arranger Erhan Flag With a Personal Brand and Image Consultant Wind Mira Okan famous names like nature his family alone.
at the wedding , and the janissary military band marches accompanied by Bera and Ayman come to the parade ground of Anatolia Children's Musical fireworks show and performances were presented. World Champion Hafiz Abdullah Demir's Quran recitation of Holy Quran followed by Erdal Dogan made ​​a speech of welcome to the guests . Nature , with an emphasis on the importance of friendship , such a happy occasion and thanked the guests themselves left alone . Erdal Dogan , double happiness experienced by stating that the children's circumcision ceremonies as well as his wife Yeliz Dogan and 20th wedding anniversaries celebrated , he said.
Bera and Ayman's kirvem The Businessman Siddiq Long , Sea Akkaya and Saba all was.
Model Marine Akkaya , weddings and funerals definitely made ​​to be special occasions stated that , \"Strait's most beautiful places and which Bosphorus Bridge so beautiful seeing another venue for sure this wedding could not be done , I think. Allah Erdal Bey children mürüvvet also like beautiful in places do bless you, \"he said.
Celebrity Server Saba all de Erdal Bey's important for them is a person stating,\"of course he's this beautiful and special on the night of us here were supposed to be . too fondly and I came rejoicing . Hopefully we come to the wedding of their children , \"he said .
Server Yeprem if Reha said that today's children are very lucky . This circumcision Bera and Ayman's life, the first mürüvvet be noted that the Yeprem , \"Second mürüvvet military service , third mürüvvet while marriage would be , I think. All parents , son of the mürüvvet like to see . Erdal Bey and his wife a child's first mürüvvet the beautiful programs they perform Congrats \"he said.


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