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  • 23 Eylül 2014, Salı 12:39

Celestial loved songs sang in outdoors

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Celestial famous singer , sang popular tracks in outdoors .

Celestial famous singer , sang popular tracks in outdoors . Avea
in outdoors activities under the stars with heavenly scene had last evening . ICC Events and concerts taking place in the heavenly guests and with the sound both on stage with the elegance captivated .
Night specially prepared for stylish decor in front of burgundy toilet to the stage in the heavenly'Rose created to'part with the concert began. Repertoire of new parts as well as memorable works , which included the successful artist overnight \"I'm desperate \", \"Love Licked \", \"hurt \", \"Jailbreak \", \"Patience \", \"I can not go \", \"me Gone Love \", \"Sevil Cheer \", \"on the lips desire \",\"my head Arrivals \",\"without You without Me \",\"saint \",\"darbuka \",\"BI Senior I speak \",\"Wind \",\"Downy Colors \",\"remote \",\"Look Taliha \",\"Long Long Roads \", \"Lonely Bird \",\"Tell me did you find \",\"hasretinle Yandı My heart \", and \"other you \"pieces sang.
SONGS UP oN STAGE dressed DE impressed < br/> The first half came to the stage with burgundy toilet heavenly, deep slits , then black , sequined dress was captivated with . Eyes filled with elegance artists in the second half , lame dress with embroidered at the scene .
This delightful evening which took place in Harbiye Open-Air \"other you \"Celestial applause that ends with a piece indie scene . Nostalgia and music-filled nights avid Istanbul heavenly applause scene recall artists \"remote \"part of the encore was .
In concert heavenly , the Aysegul Aldinç Meltem Cumbul , Mabel Matiz , Derya Alabora , Acacia Aslıtürk finance and bud Vuslater only leave was among the names .

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