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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:45

Cement Installed TR was overthrown

Cement Installed TR was overthrown
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Mentioned in cement dust laden intersection AKÇAKOCA TR curve was toppled alamayarak .

Düzce news: The vehicle without injured the driver that took place between police laugh Relations interesting dialogue surrounding area. According to
information obtained, at 09.30 in the Black powder cement incurred in Ereğli of the road to take Karasu 34 KT 9761 plate Mustafa Aydınlı direction of TR, Akcakoca, bend at the junction Mentioned by not getting out of control. Who can not bend TR iron barrier on the side of the road before I tear then the pole is located at the junction MOBESE alamayarak the speed side lay toppled . The truck's driver was trapped in the vehicle raking . Upon arriving firefighters saw the accident to inform the citizens , the injured driver was handed over to the team in removing 112 cars. The truck overturned after the accident from the fuel tank empty vehicle fuel combustion and explosion in case of an accident while police teams took to the security perimeter . Through the help of firefighters removed the windshield of the truck that exploded MOBESE direct health teams made ​​the drive between first responders Mustafa Aydınlı developed an interesting dialogue with police officers after the incident. Legal proceedings fulfill the purpose of driver's licenses who want police officers to remonstrant truck driver , \"My brotheris not first life safety. You are asking now license-permit . Leakage're not Göçek're not ,''as he gave verbal responses . Taken by ambulance then Photo Discussion truck driver taken to the hospital being treated , the road was opened to traffic again by lifting the truck closed down due to an accident.

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