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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:33

Central Bank report released October Price Developments

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Central Bank, but a partial correction seen in food inflation that group together take the high levels of inflation , that maintains the high level of services inflation trend reputation, has announced that the basic goods that continued a positive trend based on inflation and in line with core inflation indicators in a limited improvement observed.

İstanbul news: Photo Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) Price Developments Report released in October . According to the report , annual consumer inflation rose in October 8,96'y increased by 0.1 percentage points. It took the group a partial correction of high inflation trend in food inflation is seen together . The rise in energy prices was mainly due to adjustments in administered prices . According to the main trend inflation in core goods inflation while maintaining a high level of service as continued positive trend . In this direction showed limited improvement in core inflation .
October, consumer prices increased by 1.90 percent and annual inflation rate rose to 8,96'y . During this period, SCA-H and SCA-I stood at 9.83 percent annual growth rate declined by 0.13 and 0.22 points respectively compared to the previous month and 9.04 per cent. When their contribution to the annual CPI inflation of subgroups examined , it was observed that the contribution of the energy group increased 0.43 points . The main contribution of the producer group watched the contribution of horizontal services group decreased 0.15 points compared to the previous month . Contribution to the annual consumer price inflation of food groups with the highest contribution 3.08 points between subgroups Even though there was 0.28 points lower still belong to this group . The main trends according to the three-month average of Photo inflation investigated , continue albeit limited improvement in core inflation indicators it was observed that meat . Seasonally in a slight rise saving service inflation is a major trend in core goods inflation trend adjusted data showed a partial recovery during this period.
In October, prices of services rose by 0.61 percent on a monthly basis and annual inflation rose to 9,17'y percent . Thus, after the food service group with annual consumer price inflation was 2.71 points lower group , the biggest contributor . A limited amount of monthly upward trend compared to the previous month weakened in restaurants and hotels , transport and rents revealed a negative outlook . In this respect, inflation , the high level of 14.34 per cent in restaurants and hotels group continued its upward trend in maintaining the transport and rents .
Basic commodities , annual inflation in October about 0.5 percentage points decrease in percent 8.95 to fell . Annual inflation has declined in sub-groups except the clothing sector during this period . Horizontal watching durable goods prices in October continued to exhibit moderate growth after April. In this context, annual inflation in October fell 8.63 percent rate decrease of 1.61 points . For a long time , which tended to rise and wear-resistant non-basic goods was another sub-items inflation slowed down during this period. On the other hand , clothing prices have negatively affected the outlook in core goods prices increased at a higher rate in the new season .
Energy prices in October rose by 2.62 percent. In this development, electricity and natural gas prices 9.03 percent and 7.93 percent , respectively, the increase was decisive. Besides, an increase of 1.48 percent was recorded in water prices. On the other hand , parallel to the developments in fuel prices in international oil prices continued to decline in October. In light of these developments , the annual energy inflation rose to 3.05 percentage points to 4.43 percent level. Contribution to annual inflation of consumer prices increase recorded in the electricity and natural gas prices this month was about 0.4 percentage points. Food and annual inflation was 12.56 percent , down 1.39 points in nonalcoholic beverages . Annual inflation in unprocessed food prices in October fell 11.89 percent of fresh fruits and vegetables as a source . On the other hand , has continued the upward trend in processed food prices, annual inflation rose to 13.09 per cent. In this view in processed food prices , as well as meat and dairy products, bread, coffee and tea and was recorded increases decisive in the canned vegetable prices.
Domestic producer prices in October by 0.92 percent increased annual inflation percentage of 10.10 to rose . Annual inflation at 10.84 percent in this period the manufacturing industry , while the manufacturing sector excluding oil and base metals rose to 11.44 percent. When analyzed according to
main industrial groups , consumer durables in the six months after the first time a significant increase ( 1.26 percent ) was observed in non-durable goods prices had remained flat due to moderate growth in food manufacturing prices. During this period, the accelerated price increases in intermediate and capital goods . As a result, in October, the upward trend in food manufacturing slowed down manufacturing prices rose compared to the previous month with the exchange rate of price pressures .

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