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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 12:08

Certificate for Forest Villagers

Certificate for Forest Villagers
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Kütahya Forest District Office, for the development of forest villages loans to producers who provided support under the certificates were presented by the Governor Serif Yilmaz.

Kütahya news: Kütahya Forest District Office, for the development of forest villages loans to producers who provided support under the certificates were presented by the Governor Serif Yilmaz.
At the ceremony, Governor Yilmaz,"As you know, OR-village projects in the 1970 ministerial approval began. established in those years many facilities had. My own village was also performed. Building from our own villages someone did. OR-village loan from the receipt and the application was started. next couple of years in a barn animals left. 1980s in Turkey in terms of promoting many investments were made. But unfortunately, the roof even without credits were taken. Today, their remains stayed in the middle. Empire emerges from that loans reach their goal from the lost and the In the years all investments made and the support given personally at the scene is being followed. bit compressed thought to the past experiences of these follow-up is necessary. residue of investments instead and reach the goal we want to. Given grants related to animal husbandry If the animal should be done. Fertilizer on the field Whether used. Trading Do not apply. these fruit plants are grounded invention would like to get. these days are short-term, albeit relevant to inform've done it. Our main goal citizens of the state is an aggregation. State of the door of you door that you need to know. it's just on this issue, but all existing shortage, needs at the point of need to evaluate. State knocked the doors you want. traditional production systems still are continuing. These systems would like to change. Changing in our image as we need to share. All we are concerned about our daily bread is to. That's why we work Héder without çalışmalıyı's our goal the central government's budget distributed in loans ensure success is. Units in the area we can get the amount of maximize the need to work for. these fine both from the central government, the Special Provincial Administration, even the municipality together with our all possibilities to use our çalışı especially in rural areas people living infrastructure related problems solved. sewer work has been completed. currently purification systems we're dealing with. keystone investments in completing After hometown village difference between eliminating at the same time generating income work our expedition is required. Animal husbandry and climate as well as geographically appropriate studies are doing. Agriculture and Rural Development Support Agency with the support of this year's second slaughterhouse our province will gain. Kütahya no longer related to animal husbandry a burden will remain. Today the certificate associated with the memories we have the requesting all I signed. then all the institutions of the demands in line to visit want. Specialist our first of the troubles and sorrows to assist with're with you,"he said.
ceremony Forest District Manager Kenan Eryiğit Provincial Food, Agriculture and Livestock Manager Halil Tireless, other branches and apartment managers, civil society organizations joined with representatives of forest villagers citizens.

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