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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:21

Certification Excitement in ktoe

Certification Excitement in ktoe
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Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, and was given IŞKUR ceremony certificates issued to trainees who are successful within the scope of Applied Entrepreneurship Training program in cooperation with KOSGEB .

Kayseri news: The certificate ceremony held at the assembly hall ; CTO Chairman Celal Hasnalçac joined with ISKUR and KOSGEB officials and trainees . Speaking at the opening of a Photo Certificate Ceremony vice president Jalal Hasnalçac has all the education as well as in work activities they carry out said that he attached great importance , \"This is the needs of the reason the industry in mind, KOSGEB and jointly with IŞKUR \"Applied Entrepreneurship \"course we organize the . first course of our 21 , they were successful in completing our second 22 trainees and received certificates. our training continued with three separate courses program. Total 62 to 75 participants , so you were entitled to be sure to be successful and get the certificate \"he said. development of
country's economy, short-term advanced top 10 economies in the need for diversification of entrepreneurial spirit in terms of the involved emphasizing the vice president Hasnalçac of , \"brought our entrepreneurs to Turkey's economy today. to move to Turkey is a much better place will be again in the hands of our entrepreneurs. Let us not forget that a country is strong enough entrepreneurs . Because we live in the century of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, which means wealth . A country must increase the number of entrepreneurs who want to prosper. Soviet republics collapsed without eating a single bullet. 2. After World War II Germany and Japan stood with entrepreneurs. We also have to do more than our part in entrepreneurship . We have close to 3 million entrepreneurs. But still not enough. Japan's 120 million people the number of interferers 6 million . We also need to rapidly increase the number of entrepreneurs , \"he said . Photo Kayseri and 7 billion dollars in 2023. The entrepreneurship of great importance that expresses Hasnalçac is to achieve the export target , \"Entrepreneurship, is of great importance for the development of our city and our country . Especially in between us in terms of our reach its target of 2023 the existence of hundreds of such esteemed entrepreneurs , our candidate is important for us, \"he said .
Course our program is Hasnalçac celebrating trainees successfully completed ,\"I want to share the good news . Applied Entrepreneurship Education from the busy demands on the 6 and 7th place at the end of November and beginning of December we will launch . This course program carried out in conjunction with KOSGEB IŞKUR officials and experts Educator Dr. I thank Mithat Altuntaş'a \"he said. Certificate of successful trainees after a brief speech he made ​​Abu Bakr Photo IŞKUR Assistant City Manager Gungor was presented .


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