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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 15 Ocak 2013, Salı 10:00

Çetinsaya:Stored documents are not

Çetinsaya:Stored documents are not
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Higher Education Council (HEC) Chairman Prof. Dr. Jennifer Çetinsaya, electronic document management systems suffer a cyber attack, then later covered by unlawful means, or stored in accessing the shared documents'' that'' the documents said.

Answer the questions on the agenda Çetinsaya thoughts about the events of recent years on the question of students in universities, academic freedoms, said he believed all the meanings.

Academic freedom in the face of condemnation of the violence that emphasizes Çetinsaya their academic freedom is indispensable for symptom.

freedom of expression for everyone, for a faculty member on campus for students emphasizing that it is valid for guests arriving Çetinsaya,'' They never boğmamalıyız violence. In contrast to the academic freedoms of violence will expect to losses. In that respect all peaceful protests, non-violent protests justified, legitimate and meaningful. The whole world is like this, so we look at the system in Turkey in general. I wish more yaşanmamasını METU events,'' he said.

Initiated investigation on the events in METU Çetinsaya current state of affairs on the question, it occurred after the completion of audit board to share the results, he said.

- cyber attack -

Institutions related to the process of the events in question, the cyber-attack, and then Çetinsaya sad one sense of the event, noting that one of them said that the seizure of documents illegally.

Seized documents, then,'' he hidden documents, things or unknown things covered later emerged as the speculations made'' remarkable başlandığına Çetinsaya documents upon which the names of people who are trying to show the target, he said.

Company to remedy the shortcomings of the Çetinsaya who pointed out that the work is in full swing, '' He fully documents the relevant areas to be treated and remain our responsibility until it reaches the conclusion. These claims have already been subject of complaint by the various sectors. These have carefully examined by the Supervisory Board. Then he referred to the disciplinary board were high, there is also examining the decision connected.''

-'''' claim that the media is threatened-

'' They'' later if things are not covered or stored Çetinsaya emphasizing their Republican prosecutors' offices, universities, and that universities are under examination and investigation files sent to them by people who underlined that.

Here the emphasis is repeated complaints,'' claim'' Çetinsaya moving to action and lack of jurisdiction in these matters already before prosecutors told us that the decision of the files sent to them.

Çetinsaya, files, is continuing the process of the documents, claims the rights of claimants and the current should remain confidential to protect the rights of third parties has expressed innocence.

published documents during a portion of the Council of State, a part of the investigations have just begun, No decision about the çıkmadığını a portion Çetinsaya, 3 try to make in order to prevent damage to persons, he said.

these efforts have been misunderstood or,'''' ediyorlarmış perceived as threatening the media expressing Çetinsaya the legal aspects of the work, saying they wanted to tell,'' Never there As journalists, we will open the case,'' he said as soon as one thing.

events should be looked at as a whole, expressed the Çetinsaya, said:'' We are

duty By notice of any kind from us, the investigation request them carefully, without distinction of any kind review and investigation process contexts. There's no point in getting up here I say yolsuzluk'içinde da'üniversiteler. In our country, the Court of Accounts audit process and all other processes are already up to the level of claims, or yet more outstanding works, but the files I think it does not make sense to give a judgment. In fact, this Higher Education 's also showed a significant size of the whole process, the size of the public has not seen.' No Higher Education olmalı'diyenler a significant issue in terms of our work, because this is one of our test, the. 4 million students, which is 120 thousand faculty member myriad of us this kind of a system of 168 university notification, complaint or demand is falling. We have carefully examined them, spend a conclusion of legal processes connected. Even this is an indication of the iceberg, the invisible parts of the work that we do.''

-Taken measures-

experienced the event and then they HEC Chairman Çetinsaya on the measures and claims on the question of the event said they had started the necessary work on living by it.

Çetinsaya,'' TUBITAK camped here in particular are most experts in all relevant organizations, are working. Both events are analyzed and are working on the existing system and then work on all the measures necessary to prevent such an event,'' he said.

Çetinsaya voicing the investigation and that the errors be found,'' Disclosure 3 things that perhaps the legal sense, secretive and until the end of but all things are not supposed to see individuals buried the pain inside us. Already things that are part of the current work load. Only the legal sense, things take to us because it is our responsibility,'' he said.

-Assembly next agenda-

The next agenda Çetinsaya on the question, she replied:

'' to focus on two issues. One of internationalization, and the other, qualified teaching staff and training to gain. Because our analysis, the following is done in the 21st century, if we want to attach objectives and must always be in our field of higher education need to do three things. One of this quantitative growth, especially in the last 10 years to convert the quantitative growth and quality celebrate a qualitative growth. Secondly, it is a growing area of ​​higher education will grow even further towards 2023, according to our calculations. Because of Turkey's social structure, needs, demands it, the needs of the global world demands it. So you need to bring up our scope of higher education. For this reason, a qualified labor force, raising, so as to cultivate, grow our sphere of higher education, the need for qualified faculty members in this area yetiştirmemiz also need a qualified scholar. So it's important for us in overtime. Thirdly, the issue of internationalization. How much uluslararasılaştırırsak Yüseköğretimimizin 21 I think that we will reach our goals much easier century sense.''

-28 February process-

role in the process of undertaking February 28 YÖK'te wiped out all traces of this process silinmediğinin, Çetinsaya on the question of the evaluation of the process, by Yusuf Ziya Ozcan YÖK'te February 28 marks the start of the process of deleting itself able to continue the this policy, he said.

When it comes to task and tried to set up national committees and social activities in the unit, reminiscent of lağvettiklerini Çetinsaya,'' However, in relation to the demands of our documents on the shared savcılıklarla. In that sense, the institution feel comfortable,'' he said. According to the documents

Hottest take on an active role in the period of February 28 üstlenmediğinin HEC Çetinsaya on the question, said:

'' February 28 periods together lived. Right now we have it in our archives from the period. Maybe after these cases concluded that the relevant archive Being on a need to dispose of. Or, to return to the people to donate to a museum or a way to evaluate ourselves, in the form of public sharing. But that documentation is there. When you look at it in the documentation or when you bring together all the stories of different indeed an institution that has been effective on February 28. More precisely, anti-democratic practices during periods of interim regime or interfere with commonly used during periods of Higher Education as a tool. This is a point of law, not when you've moved the interventions. I hope that the new law will prepare the infrastructure.''

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