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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:38

Chairman Cengiz Tso Tso Mus Army Visits

Chairman Cengiz Tso Tso Mus Army Visits
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Mus Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( CCI ) President Fatih Cengiz , Army Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( CCI ) Chairman Servet Sahin visited .

Muş news: Photo MUS TSO Board Member Mustafa Senturk Speaking during a visit to also present Mus TSO President Fatih Cengiz , stating that they wish to be always at the highest level of relations between the two provinces room, \"we came here very hot and we were greeted in a friendly manner . we filed with Mr. President and delegation of two provincial economic forces point to exchange ideas. it was a useful visit. Kismet expect if the Army of Commerce and Industry Chamber President and delegation in Muş . we have to be integrated with each other before in the developing world , I think. more frequent and the relations between wish the two cities. after a warm relationship of concrete investments in , I hope to return to common tasks. Hand in hand by faith that we will move our cities better spot forever , \"he said .
visit from his pleasure expressing Army TSO President Wealth Falcons the \"rooms and all rooms have a very nice harmony with the stock market , we have a friendship. it is possible to see reflections everywhere. What can we do together , we are in contact with the forward-looking approach by visiting each other. Our goal is to further strengthen the alliance between the city and the opportunity by showing each other is to evaluate . We will go after this pleasant visit , I hope Mus . In May of 2015 we are planning to come to Mush with our committee , \"he said .

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