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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:03

Chairman of AK Party Kastamonu Province Av. Metin Celik,

Chairman of AK Party Kastamonu Province Av. Metin Celik,
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Chairman of AK Party Kastamonu Province Av.

Kastamonu news: Metin Celik, said that there have been good developments in Kastamonu. Photo Steel , Kastamonu Province organized by the party spoke at a meeting of the Consultative Assembly . Kastamonu many years towards solving in years 2-3 of the problem can not be resolved pointed out that serious strides Steel , \"especially our biggest problem in front of our economic development of the transportation problems the last 2 and we are beyond hope with the steps we have taken 3 years. We have opened , particularly last year, Air Port is still the bottom of the pile area will enable us to Ankara and transportationand 5 thousand feet going , we brought the 5 thousand meters turn Ilgaz Tunnel, our hope 50 percent. Hopefully by the end of 2015 , which is a barrier between Kastamonu'yl a Moments Ilgaz Mountain will now cease to be an obstacle. in front of the Kastamonu most will be overcome major obstacles hope . Again we have 3 hospitals in Kastamonu. our one state hospital , we had the private hospital 2 of them. One particular of our hospital was closed two years ago due to a variety of problems. and this has led to serious problems in unexpected developments healthcare. our deputies, our teşkilatımızın and Health Minister, we need to support Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. President gave us . We held the groundbreaking ceremony for our new hospital last week with the participation of Minister of Health. We will offer 500 beds, state hospitals we also serve our brother Kastamonu in hopefully two years , \"he said .
Steel, said:\"The number of our mayor in our Special Lucky Hospital last week , deputies showed tried so hard . Lucky Hospital obstacles in our special hope has been exceeded . There is an agreement with caught . Hopefully Kastamonu troubles will be overcome in this way \"

Chairman of AK Party Kastamonu Province Av. Metin Celik," comments for.


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