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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:33

Chairman of Audit Working Spouses were

Chairman of Audit Working Spouses were
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Hakkari Municipality Wish Hatipoğlu and Nurullah Farmers Co-Chairs , continued to supervise the work and will be launched in the neighborhood continues to review new studies .

Hakkari news: Photo Hakkari Municipality Wish Hatipoğlu and Nurullah Farmers Co-Chairs , yesterday evening we checked it with the ongoing work in the city. Wish Hatipoğlu and Nurullah Farmers Co-Presidents , sites for new studies to be initiated in some neighborhoods in the city after the study found wandering investigation will be completed . Wish Hatipoğlu circulating quarters for examination and Nurullah Farmers , where he met with citizens. Citizens, said municipalities are generally satisfied with the services that began in the city, \"We are ready you support all the time . I have followed you closely Mr. President , your work is very happy with us. Because we have a woman president in Hakkari very lucky . A woman in giving confidence to the people and Hakkari'Nazar episodes in our service that you start is very important. we've got your \"they said . the co-chairpersons met with citizens during the audits and investigations Wishes Photo Hatipoğlu and Nurullah farmers ; \"We are if we won here to serve our honorable people , we will do the honorable and challenging our utmost to fulfill the worthy of this task for our people . Of you so we can meet fully our service course in the city is also important to be on our side. Things to services and everyone will see the change in our city\"said .
Wish Hatipoğlu and Nurullah farmers , after undergoing an audit and review time before Hakkari Municipality Fire Department service building in which the fire department garage renewed according to the ground restoration work started in the garage were found in the investigation .


Chairman of Audit Working Spouses were" comments for.


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