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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:56

Chairman of BAT Feyzioğlu'ndan, harsh criticism from the opening of the Judicial Year

Chairman of BAT Feyzioğlu'ndan, harsh criticism from the opening of the Judicial Year
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Judicial Year opening ceremony of the President of the Bar Association of Turkey with the text Feyzioğlu'nun speech was marked by harsh criticism.

President Abdullah Gul, Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin also attended the opening ceremony, Chairman of BAT Feyzioğlu text, speech, critics began to practice for lawyers.

TBB President said,"Today, the defense under pressure. Lawyers, investigated and persecuted because of their professional activities. Halls chuck taken out of the courthouse and the trial, the defense duty is prohibited."
 he said. President of the Bar Association of the criticism about the independence of the judiciary,"What is so important to be independent and impartial judges or administrative authorities in the place of the legislator or legislative body can not be considered to act as a government. In other words, the state would not be in the separate states, members of the judiciary in the state or from some yapılarca 'Sovereign of my', 'your judge,"he explained classification can not be even. these discussions, no one in a country where not only the legal security. justice is the basis of property, the property remains unsubstantiated."said.



 speech to be given in the constitution, the judicial section of the work lawyers and bar associations welcomed the positive Feyzioğlu stating,"What However, in Turkey, in the same arrangement will work as a lawyer and lawyers close to the extensive damage to the environment will directly affect about 800 thousand people, millions of our citizens to benefit from the exceptional economic difficulties make it difficult due to the attorney's services subsidiaries of foreign attorneys asked for a constitutional guarantee kavuşturulmak strongly condemn it."said.

 Then most pronounced in recent years the 'national will' assessments of the rooms located in the phrase 'Union President, said :"D Earth plane and Turkey at the history of the national will, so Rather, pluralism, rather than elected, but increasingly authoritarian tendencies started to show çoğunlukçuluğu adopted and has been the choice of political power. contemporary pluralistic democracies. In other words, modern democracies, the political views of the majority not only for the moment, outnumbered the opinions of the other embraces. Today national will do so if be used, based on the model of a pluralistic democracy should be noted that the Republic of Turkey. In this case, the term national will of the majority, the minority domination of political power, undress each agency seized and organize every aspect of life, people's life style intervention must be understood, of course, different from the period in which the content. then a modern democracy 'national will' those who want to continue to use the term, this definition no place in the political power that the opposition of ideas, governments can not do whatever they want on the basis of çoğunluklarına parliament and the government are people who did not vote for them; representing the general principles of law common values ​​of humanity, international agreements duly put into effect and constitutionality of human rights must not forget that it is imperative being treated. expressed in the articles of the Constitution of the Republic does not change the basic nature of the majority of political power to limit and prevent the domination of the minority will never be kept in mind. these limitations, What is meant Contrary to what some forward, never dominated by the minority majority is not meant to compromise the culture of democratic, participatory democracy, a temporary absolute domination of the majority over the minority to prevent a temporary, how to live, go to school, which would have a faith where worship would, kalkışmamasıdır impose moral rule which people adopt."

Text Feyzioğlu, out of Egypt and Syria were also criticized :"A Focker may lead to great disasters, the most recent example of how coups in Turkey experienced in the ways of Egypt revealed right response. This response is to be effective on the world public opinion, human rights and democratic freedoms in our country is no doubt that the maximum should be respected. Whether you want our country to get anywhere else in the world, violence against users of the right to peaceful demonstration, demonstrators real bullets, gas bombs targeting the doldrums, rubber bullets or chemical mixed with water cannons killing or injury of a felony. encouraging or rewarding the perpetrators of these crimes, but should be punished. no political or economic interests than the greatest value of human life is not worthwhile. Sudan, Latakia, Rojava'da, Egypt Adeviyesi'nde or Tahrir'inde, Lice, Uludere, Reyhanlı'da, Akçakale, Ceylanpınar, Eskisehir, Ankara, Istanbul and Hatay, on the streets, the people can not be no excuse for murder. democratic state, the government, opening the door of thought and expression, thoughts that do not call for violence to be brought to the desired place in society to keep channels of communication open, interfere with peaceful meetings and demonstrations is essential. freedom of expression and peaceful assembly are the methods of its implementations and demonstrations, the most important evidence of the existence of a free and democratic society. democracy"ballot box"is undoubtedly indispensable. But democracy, a regime of limited fund to provide ballot vote, not a way of life. Democratic a state of law, political power, depending on the rules of law knows that no matter what the majority in parliament. law rules implementing the libertarian also always look at the window. because it is based on democratic freedoms in a state of law, is exempt from the restriction of freedoms."

Solution Feyzioğlu the evaluations of the process,"the Kurdish problem is essentially democracy, freedom and human rights issue. Permanent solution, but in practice only the constitutional provision of equal citizenship, discrimination and other forms of discrimination based on ethnicity will lead to all kinds of privileges to avoid be achieved through. duty of all of us in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, which departs from the stand up for human rights, in Sirnak, Diyarbakir, the Lice in Uludere kalkmaktır up with the same determination. quite a A comprehensive study has been carried out for a change in the constitution under the umbrella of the Parliament. purpose of constitutional amendments, more democratic, more free, a society that embraced the rule of law and the state seems to be in order reunited. before the revision of the constitution in order to reach this goal, there are many steps that can be taken a lot easier. example periods of the Inquisition, reminiscent of the removal of the secret testimony, that creates the perception of obligation to arrest the catalog of offenses edit the abandonment of the application, the abolition of the Courts of the Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism Act to be repealed, thought, of expression, press freedom and the removal of all obstacles to the freedom of demonstration meetings, the prevention of monopolization in the press, the organization of the working people of the press, ensuring the removal of HEC, administrative and financial autonomy of universities, scientific freedom Attaining a 10 percent reduction of the threshold in terms of road cleaning are just a few that come to mind. they can express their thoughts and ideas to everyone without hesitation channels to convey to the public a forum where you can find easily created. whereas a democratic constitution, the broad participation can be created."she said.

Chairman of BAT Feyzioğlu'ndan, harsh criticism from the opening of the Judicial Year" comments for.


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