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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:06

Chairman of the Nationalist Hearths Guide provocateurs Alert

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Chairman of the Nationalist Hearths Olcay Guide , try to infiltrate into the nationalist community said that everyone should be vigilant against provocateurs.

Denizli news: Photo Nationalist Hearths President Olcay Guide came to Denizli. Guide , Denizli Denizli Nationalist Hearths President of Nationalist Hearths building Hussein received information about the work done from Ülgener . Guide his speech , the importance of education and training with particular emphasis on \"Education and training level is one of the most important indication of the level of development of a society. Therefore, the priority task of our young people , as I often emphasized in the program we met our ülküdaş is to get a good education. Rapidly evolving our age an untrained to make progress in a way , there is no possibility of reaching national and prosperous civilization. the way we're a nation strong is a state and be able to pass the undeniably a success in teaching and learning and progress. with the advance in positive science, Turkishness pride and consciousness with Islamic morality and virtue young 2023 Leaders countries will play a leading role in the construction of Turkey. this resource nationalists are overrepresented in the youth. you constantly must be in progress. Knowledge is the owner , you must move the excitement of research on your self at every stage of your life. when you want to illuminate with the light of knowledge nationalist Hearths are helping each of our young people . Our goal is to contribute to the education field as a pioneer in every generation in history. I believe that our young people also keep this hand we extend and we will be proud , \"he said . Photo Lately Guide Speaking about the developments , said:\"Our borders on the one hand is the source of our street on one side . Assign steps in foreign policy full of contradictions and non-national government in domestic policy is inconsistent stance. Limits of our way to return to the inn , in the streets and even to members of a terrorist organization who acts in urban centers , which play three monkeys exhibited an attitude against assassinations of our military and our police . Idealist movement is futile efforts of trying to pull into the darkness of the streets. We fight and attrition by making one side of the chaos and will not work never play inactivation towards staged that . \"Photo words\"Our recommendation are pulling us over dirty hands \"he continued Chairman Nationalist Hearths Olcay Guide , said:Photo \"Or the date to further their ancestors suffered a similar defeat on the previous page will not inevitable. Idealistic youth will not be a tool of control in any way unclear focus. Our reputation will not be any explanation other than the official organ . Aboard would caution against trying to infiltrate provocateurs , this person will be removed immediately. \"

Chairman of the Nationalist Hearths Guide provocateurs Alert" comments for.


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