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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:18

Chairman Steel , Eid Celebrated

Chairman Steel , Eid Celebrated
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Princes Mayor Omar Faruk Celik , the whole of the Islamic world celebrates the Feast of Sacrifice .

Manisa news: Chairman Steel , holiday, friendship, love , sorrow and sadness, sharing , unity consolidate and brotherhood can be felt the occasion wished .
Princes Mayor Omar Faruk Celik, Eid al-Adha as a result has released a message . Chairman Steel stated the following message has included:
\"the world's four corners of the cauldron to be back in these days , a nation celebrated with enthusiasm that a new feast than we live. Ancestors of our enormous challenges we entrust to this beautiful country , the 77 million peace with us in this holiday clarifying Praise be to Allah . the world what is happening by looking ; binds us together , joys , share the pain we festivals , our religion , our country , our government and each other's assets to let us know . Differences conflict issue , without making a big tolerate more working current challenges we can overcome . our children a better home safety we can . feast will make visits, love and affection to popularize , suffering , poverty and loneliness we share . martyrs and veterans and our relatives do not forget . these feelings and thoughts , dear compatriots of my saints, my nation and phrases Muslim Eid congratulations ; most heart greetings and I offer my love . \"

Chairman Steel , Eid Celebrated" comments for.


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