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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:26

Challenged with oral Followers

Challenged with oral Followers
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Adana Mayor Huseyin Oral , some media organizations, which suggests they do in the name of journalism threats and blackmail, stating that the end of this period , \"2 writings , I will fear no circulation of 100 pieces .

Adana news: 60 thousand on Twitter , 130 thousand have my followers on Facebook , \"he said .
Metropolitan Municipal Council of November 4th session Hussein was held in Oral presidency. Previous session , meat processing center Mayor Seyhan who left because of the agenda ZEYDAN fret , repeated he did not want in the people's meat processing plant neighborhood. Karalar Metropolitan criticized removal workers in the Municipality . Transparency Street in traffic chaos , the Metropolitan-Seyhan distinction explaining that they began to take steps to resolve without the fret, the population of arranging buses to withstand the Olive quarter 3 thousand found , the President requested the oral to make bread huts and infrastructure work .
Adana Mayor Huseyin Oral is a political massacre of dismissal that is , they told us that according to the figures obtained from suspended business productivity without 90 people dismissed . they repeatedly studied taking into account the President fret sensibilities ZEYDAN also in meat processing plants , but stressed that they acted according to the consensus of the council.
\"Only our concerns and our fears Adana is something we try to do in Adana investors are not Panache nails , \"said Oral , told Adana an investor visit to congratulate the Chamber of Commerce that mention engaged couple that professional field and he also claimed the petition for consideration in parliament. Speaking of this movement , the Adana Metropolitan Municipality Assembly that save from show investors from door to door , and stressed that showed that a petition as a result of work done .
yesterday in a local newspaper , \"brought one of Hussein Oral \"President he said that an article written verbal, \"I wonder if it prints from them need to ask it received which rents. those who print it , Adana, local media that what type of basic accuracy in finely detailed issues and what the promotion of political in working ? Thank beyond different ones but the threat made ​​on behalf of the so-called journalism and blackmail'm not nervous particles in respect of the end of this period , \"he said .
President challenged the local media with his followers in social media Hussein Oral spoke as follows:
\"Personally their 2 units writings , I'm not scared at all with 100 circulation . them 60 thousand on Twitter , 130 thousand have my followers on Facebook. we enter into a relationship that will ache we thankfully stomach to God. \"
'< strong> ZEY from KARALAR you oUT aNSWER give sAID
Speaking after which again spoke fret ZEYDAN Seyhan former Mayor Azim Öztürk , the license given his time has been canceled in the new era , but some media organizations \"Zey the fret will respond çıksın \"he told articles they write . Press , \"My job is law'said anlatankar are , he continued:
\"doing my job right . I would cancel the wrong done the job. I have no business with the right work done . Who does have won , had been with no job . Will win of course. Loss do you do business guy? I really congratulate you this sensitivity , I agree wholeheartedly . I am the same tavırd the same way. Who are against any moment something writer blackmail us meaning . Concessions do not give in . we did not , we do not . this period will end . will not blackmail . But I really an important part of our local press , I see that is not so. I thank them heartily . \"


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