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  • 12 Temmuz 2013, Cuma 15:03

Champions Nature College

Champions Nature College
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Nature is the most successful school SBS College of the last 3 years, it is very difficult to break a record breaking year.

College of Natural Kurtköy

676.021 points, while the average of the most successful schools, College of Natural Cevizlibağ points 669.943, 662.371 points Florya Nature College, College of Natural 638.078 and 619.050 points rate Konya Ankara once again topped the SBS College of Nature.

Nature 7 student full College student, while the second was the 1st of Turkey

Nature Nature prepares them for life in kindergarten children with the concept of Model College of Education, added one more to the achievements made in the philosophy of student-centered education . College student Nature SBS was seventh with a score of 700,000. 2 College of Natural student was 1st of Turkey. College student İREM TELLİOĞLU

Nature and BÜÞRA EROL, 700000 SBS OYP with a score of 500.000 was the 1st of Turkey.

College of Natural Turkey's Most Successful School SBS announcement of the results

Turkey 's most successful schools also became clear. Turkey moved to the top of College of Nature according to the results averaged 676.021 points. Nature is the most successful school years

College of SBS, it is very difficult to break a record breaking year. College of Natural kurtköy summit in Turkey have an average of 676.021 points, while the College of Natural Cevizlibağ 669.943 points, 662.371 points Florya Nature College, College of Natural 638.078 and 619.050 points rate Konya Ankara College of Nature, once again topped the SBS. Enthusiasm ...

Exam results

SBS sahur at midnight with their families to learn the College of Natural champions of Turkey met, sat down at the computer results been announced. Accompanied by their teachers and families, and Ryan Tellioğlu Irem Erol learning degrees, Turkey celebrated 1'inciliğini wrapped in each other.

school received the Gospel at midnight, the degree of happiness that Turkey could not sleep ...

answering all the questions correctly to learn the results of other students could not help the tears with excitement. Champion of Turkey, students did celebrate till dawn with cries of joy.

'success, self-confident secret'

summit of 7 students settled in Turkey Merve Kuruhasanoğlu Nature College Counseling Department Chair, congratulated the students who obtained degrees by SBS, 'students' achievements us proud. The mean score of 2012 SBS 494.053, 478.554 points in 2011 and 2010, with an average score of 493.283 last 3 years, making SBS College of Natural champions of Turkey. This year, the tradition, uncorrupted. SBS College of Nature with an average of 676.021, proved once again to be the most successful school. This success lies in arkasında'kazanmak'yerine'başarmak'felsefesi. We test our students to gain odaklamıyoruz only. Because we know that true success does not solve 100 questions in 120 minutes. We, the students to be successful in every area of ​​their developing educational models that appeal to all the senses, and our children's education from kindergarten to take these models provide. The result can be successful in life, as well as academic achievement, learning, loving, enterprising, self-confident and successful social life yetişiyor'dedi generations.


'Rank expecting' with results

learning champions, before taking the test, saying that they believe it will get ratings, the results indicated that the surprise for themselves . College student Ryan 1'ncisi Nature

Turkey Erol, 'SBS curriculum and set out on a regular basis. But life is not just all about studying. Participated in social activities within the school, the course worked out well. College of Natural Secondary School life was very nice, the university to start a step ahead of the College of Natural'd like to read in high school."He said. College student

Turkey Irem Tellioğlu 1'ncisi Nature, 'I worked as an orderly and planned throughout the year. The facilities provided by me in my school exams and essays contributed to my success. Ediyorum'dedi to thank all my teachers and my friends.

700,000 students taking a full score of

Nature Özavci College student Emre Alp, 'Nature College education is a step in the race to get from SBS I started to think ahead. My family was very effective motivation for me. Because both of my parents graduated from college, and this year it was hard for them as it is for me. Etti'dedi both motivated me to start graduate school. College student Mahmoud

Nature Ülker, 'set out by working 5 hours per day. Besides going to school, my professors had help on the weekends. Advice and guidance of course work in their own notions of technique combining my teachers said belirledim'diye.

Success, and regular work program is committed to connecting the Aegean Natural College student Cavusoglu, 'Nature-study at the College, as well as teachers who have helped me and always made me I have achieved this success by relying on the support of my family. Be determined to be successful, attempts to confuse the actual examination, even though the right to determine the strategies and how smart you work, you need to give effort. I tried and başardım'dedi azmettim.

Nature Emre Özküçük College student, 'checked the exam as soon as my results. Rank was expecting anyway. Olmadı'diye a surprise for my parents and my teachers said.

The earthquake in Van, has set targets for the future College Middle School and High School Coordinator Omar

Nature Suat Gündoğdu successful students in all areas College of Nature said that the secret of raising educational models developed gave the following information:'Students from kindergarten to college with a philosophy of nature that included in the system, primary school, secondary school, secondary school and then to high school to college is a result obtained with this philosophy. This philosophy of education College of Natural model is described in three stages:Emotion, Thought and Action. Emotion, nature concept with the introduction of pre-school education begins the process of thought, Student-Centered Training, (soes) and action represents a t-MBA degree. Nature College t-MBA (MBA for teenagers) program of graduate programs in universities, businesses attracted to the high school level. Program, Student Councils, t-MBA applications, Foreign Language, International Projects, a multi-disciplinary components of Association Coaching and Education aims to earn an academic and social competence. '

Champions Nature College" comments for.


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