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  • 28 Ocak 2014, Salı 11:21

Chance of host Elephants, Agoral Brings Chance Women

Chance of host Elephants, Agoral Brings Chance Women
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Agora Konak Municipality of the District Centre is one of 15 district center also known as the Houses of Affection students are monetizing their production.

İzmir news:  Agora Konak Municipality of the District Centre is one of 15 district center also known as the Houses of Affection students are monetizing their production. Sewing and embroidery as well as producing souvenirs made of felt from each other stylish designs, women earn money by reselling to the family budget is going to support.
WITHIN ONE YEAR won 28 thousand pounds
Most of fertility, abundance, luck and pomegranate whether the elephant is the symbol of women regularly engaged in the sale and earn money. All materials Konak Municipality issued by the said Agora District Center for Responsible Ruhsar Özdemir, the end of 2010 the center started to provide services that, in 2011, since the trainees felt products made by selling the money, he said. Elephants of the widely acclaimed and various institutions for bulk orders, stating that they Ozdemir,"Women of manual labor every day a little more was known and loved. Moreover, at very affordable price are selling. Resulting revenue to trainees is distributed. Almost every month in the hands of 200-250 pounds around money goes"he spoke. Ozdemir, 3 thousand 130 pounds in December due to Christmas sales were doing and that this money be shared among participants added 16. Ozdemir, in 2013 a total of 28 thousand pounds were sold underlining,"Housewife our own money takes off from the fact that we are happy,"he said.
3 YEAR 54 THOUSAND ELEPHANT have produced
home folks happy From housewives to please the ways of the late Mayor of the mansion at every opportunity that Dr. voicing. Hakan Tartan,"Agoral of our women themselves the opportunities presented very well evaluated. 4 years ago, the road leading up have been very successful. Especially with felt made for souvenirs much in vogue. Municipal behalf I the elephants purchase and our activities, both domestic and from abroad come to visit our guests the gift would . Their success makes me happy,"he said. Tartan President, 2011-2012, and in 2013 produced a total of 54 thousand 240 elephants and revenues from the sale of 79 thousand 180 pounds they noted. Tartan, the total of 59 thousand 863 TL of the trainees are distributed the remaining money on new equipment, he said.
Trainees, Alsancak Dominican Street and Love Road with sales coaches, fairs and tradeshows love home made gifts for sale offer opportunities to find.
Agoral of the housewives, their work quite happily without. Housewife Feriha Buroğl,"the course the first day since the Agora Neighborhood Center'm coming. Sewing and embroidery, felt work it all here have learned. Both therapies is happening and we're making money and new friendships are building. Initially least we were making but gradually gain increased our average of 250 pounds We're winning, and now I'm paying some bills with the winnings."saying, Bedia Önoğl however,"our house budget, providing serious support began. one day the two teams elephant or pomegranate are doing. reported our products there, but at much luck elephant and abundance of pomegranate are preferred. these elephants us also brought luck I would say. President Tartan ' Thank you."said.

Chance of host Elephants, Agoral Brings Chance Women" comments for.


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