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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:23

Change Panel on Health in Kusadasi

Change Panel on Health in Kusadasi
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Kuşadası Municipality Culture and Art Activities frame in which doctors and pharmacists ULKUMEN Rodoplu Hero Sarıhan participated as speaker \"What Brings Change in Health What Lump \"by the panel was held in Kuşadası Municipality Ergun Yucel scene.

Aydın news: Photo panel of speakers occurring Doctor ULKUMEN Rodoplu said:\"These days the system existing in a customized model of health, our eyes are dozens of elements to be seen beautiful . We're going to the hospital sparkling , much easier brightly than in the past to get service. For example, you go to a hospital you will make your routine checkups , they take blood five tubes from you , the authors of a prescription, hardly anything comes out of your pocket even if the hospital special you go. we think that improve the way the health system but it is not anything other than that error , go to a chronic or serious illness in the same hospital , you will not even find place to sleep . this is no place for seriously ill in the health system , because it does not come to work. Healthy people say mean less costs even mean money but seriously ill costs mean the end there is no need to take care to die logic. we're talking about being a social state . seriously made ​​in the medical field whether the social state in a country we understand the service , we do not see it in our country. \"Photo Panel in dualistic speaker Pharmacists Hero Sarıhan the participants told the point of Pharmacy in Turkey Sarıhan speech,\"one of the biggest problems of Pharmacy in Turkey herbal medicine market . Our people are going to see their selves because herbal medicines over the internet. Of course I'm not saying killing each drug . Determined by the health ministry has a list of their use of legal and natural. But the greatest risk from internet or taken to another channel and herbal medicines without the approval of the ministry of health in terms of health. Drug market in Turkey is one of the largest annuity lane , as it comes to state business know to play in drug prices . Seriously stiff price drugs when necessary , can be given a free product that is unnecessary , but the drug category. Pharmaceutical market instability in the country of Buddha clearly demonstrated , \"he said .


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