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  • 08 Mart 2013, Cuma 09:51

Charming Winter Hair!

Charming Winter Hair!
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Winter season does not have to look bad for your hair! Freezing temperatures persist, electrified hair and dry hair strands do not know how you will bottom? Here are some methods.

it's cold outside! But here you have to warm up your ideas:Daily hair in just a few simple changes in your care, even in freezing weather, radiant, you can have beautiful hair.

Make no mistake, winter is affecting the hair cords."There is no escape, winter, wire up the removal of hair do you mean,"says skin expert Dr New York. Jessica Kranti."Outside is cold and dry air, superheated interiors, the hair more dry."

It does not stop there:Dry air also causes negative ions to be collected on your hair and clothes. When you touch the outside of a metal door handle, you can spend a little shocked. Then I look in the mirror, the second shock experience. All those negative ions, your hair will cause bumps.

method is the most effective defense against hair hair humidify

elektriklenmesine."Water molecules, the accumulated negative ions are neutralized,"says Kranti. Recommends the following:your hair less often (but not every day, for example, two or three times a week), wash and use moisturizing shampoo and cream.

Even in winter, your hair will look nice

Here are a few expert advice:


Protect your hair from the heat.

blow dryer or curling irons, hair straighteners, hair styling tools, such as heat radiating heat protective products before use apply."I would recommend that you use heat protection products year-round, but especially important during the winter months,"says Cameron Diaz, who has worked with celebrities like Rashida Jones and Sarah Silverman, Julia Papworth Hollywood stylist."Your hair is already dry, heat-emitting devices could damage him further."

low density of hair spray, a plug, you can provide at least some protection."Heat is a protective layer of your hair better,"said Papworth.

2 The Roots shampoo, tips kremlin.

past New York fashion week catwalk fashion designer Rodarte'nin şovundaki 'experienced hair' style creator Cheng Tan, kremlin shampoo your hair properly, he says. Wash only the roots, ie the area of ​​oil, cream the ends of your hair, starting 2/3 'cine apply. (Hair, deeps more healthy.) Think of it as your hair done ponytail,"says Tan."Cream of the region above the rest, the tail of the shampoo, apply the remaining portion."

3 Add dry shampoo or hair care.

use dry shampoo every other day, wash your hair less, says Tan. In addition, when applied to clean hair, dry shampoo badge will use a long time. In this way, you reduce the frequency of use of shampoo and heat hairstyles employee will gain double-sided.

4 Your hair, headwear sticking.

Do not choose your hair clinging to

hats. A loose beret, will also make you look stylish as you kept warm. Another method is the hat down on your hair before you make a loose bun, Papworth says. Loosen the knob and give your hair volume after removing the hat with your fingers. What if your hair is short? Dry shampoo your hair within seconds and can reach form. (A small bottle in your bag or cupboard must be found.)

5 EM Use Silk pillow case.

Cotton absorbs moisture

pillowcases, humid summer months, although this is good for your hair is already dry when it is not good for beauty. Silk and satin pillowcases, your hair will keep the moisture in your hair during the winter months, says Tan.

About the Author:Shelley Levitt , former editor of Self magazine and is also the author of EM. In addition, frequent The Style Glossy 's edition Turkey are essays by EM.

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