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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:24

Çhd'l Trial Lawyer of the file is sent to the requested Rete Aym'y

Çhd'l Trial Lawyer of the file is sent to the requested Rete Aym'y
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Contemporary Jurists Association (CHD ) and the People's Law Office is a member of the lawyer \"being a member of the terrorist organization DHKP-C and manage\"the case was being tried for crimes continue to be seen .

İstanbul news: The court denied the request to send the case to the Constitutional Court. Photo CHD between Istanbul 18th High Criminal Court in the trial of the President were present in Selcuk Kozagacli bulunduğu14 pending a lawyer. Ebru defense lawyer who first accused at the hearing Timtik , çhd'y argued that the actual picture that emerges is unconstitutional in operation. In Timtik defense \"in this case , it is important we do advocate against whom before we who is a lawyer ,\"he said . Photo lawyers also spoke Lawyer Bahri Belen behalf , closed the trial of the indictment stated that specially authorized courts during the period considered , continues from where it left of special courts to prosecute he said that contrary to the constitution . Belen, \"Re preliminary reorganized indictment acceptance or rejection must do from the beginning of the proceedings decide the direction . Because the special courts were removed on the grounds that they are making a fair trial \"file saying he wanted to be sent to the Constitutional Court .
Court also \"closed specially authorized the establishment by law of the courts, the lawyers at the request of a contribution to the merits of the file will not be \"denied the request , citing lawyers . Photo pre-trial lawyers gathered in front of Istanbul Palace of Justice made ​​a press release. Description of Attorney on behalf of the group while Gökoğlu Engine , association members also threw the slogan unfurled banners . Slogans and banners members of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers Association opens representatives from 60 different countries gave their support .

Çhd'l Trial Lawyer of the file is sent to the requested Rete Aym'y" comments for.


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