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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 17:21

Check Buildings Insurance System Proposal

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Anadolu University (AU) Earth and Space Science Institute Asst .

Anadolu University (AU) Earth and Space Science Institute Asst . Assoc. Dr. Muammer of a building against natural disasters how durable that natural disasters across the undamaged How can stay by the insurance system should be inspected, he said.
Eskisehir August 17 earthquake anniversary brought under'Earthquake sensitivity'exhibition speech, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Muammar Tin , everyone more or less knowledge and awareness about earthquakes is the owner said. The number of people affected by the earthquake in Turkey and that pretty much changed accordingly pointed out that the perception Asst. Assoc. Dr. Tin , \"Earthquake actually raining like as well as a natural event . Fact, the lack of negative consequences which can be a natural event . Main problem of this nature events how a disaster turned into is the question . Earthquake , residential area, in a place not occur only when the earth trembles and ends. However settlement ground unsuitable in a residential area when there is loss of property and even loss of life we live. these natural disaster awareness needs to create . How people in the car before taking any kind of examination you are making , but the building before getting the necessary tests and examinations should be obtained , \"he said .
serious problems about the earthquake one of the most important elements , the insurance system is not widespread in Turkey connecting the Asst. Assoc. Dr. Tin , \"Normally a building against natural disasters how durable that natural disasters across the undamaged How can stay by the insurance system should be inspected . , But now it's an insurance system, we do not have . A single mandatory Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP ) got insurance. He a normal bank or insurance agents when attempting filling out the form yaptırılabilecek document. the buildings that controls such a security system if you were already citizens on this issue too much to have information would not have to . unfortunately, now it is a checking mechanism does not , \"he said . < br/> UNIVERSITY OF TURKEY eARTHQUAKE rESISTANCE oN A BUILDING able to perform tests
on earthquake resistance in buildings made ​​of Anadolu University noted that tests Asst. Assoc. Dr. Tin , said:
\"Under normal circumstances, people who need services from where they know . Example, a bread flows we want to go to the bakery or we take the money we want debit'll go , but a building whose examination that we do not know . Such a structure does not exist. So building control systems exist, but it's not exactly the building's construction phase with the company in the construction of the person who passed between the process. Soundness sure that there is no one living in the building of an individual such services can get the number of firms is quite small . however, Anadolu University, as we are serving . So an existing building earthquake just how strong that tests can do . course for this university a personal or a corporate application needs . Normally, building inspection is mandatory. Anadolu University as we do the tests entirely optional and social benefits for service. \"

Check Buildings Insurance System Proposal" comments for.


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