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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:26

Check in was Sungurlu School Services

Check in was Sungurlu School Services
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School service vehicles in the district of Çorum Sungurlu been audited.

Çorum news: School service vehicles in the district of Çorum Sungurlu been audited.
in the audit, service vehicles Elementary Education Regulation of the Ministry of Education and School Service Tools compliance with the Regulations were measured. Single rinse discontinued service traffic at the safety of life in terms of having importance of the belt drive and by the students wearing was detected.
District Education Department Director Masood Höçük, inspected each vehicle one by one driver and students seatbelts after installation services act Do not let him. Höçük explaining to students the benefits of seat belts, the students will then get into the car does not ride wearing belts and their homes until they received a promise that they will not remove. Some of the students to wear the seat belt if they did not know anyone was surprised.
VEHICLE most distant part of fire extinguishers
also served in the control of attention was paid to fire extinguishers. Most of the tools in the fire tubes to reach the most difficult places, the luggage and secured way, seeing the commission fire extinguishers of the vehicle in an easily accessible place to put and student service passengers to be taken on the drivers were warned.
By the Commission unruly drivers, administrative fines, when applying the rules Thanked wake up also.

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