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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 12:03

Check Scales were victims of Sales Location

Check Scales were victims of Sales Location
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Provincial Directorate of Industrial Science and Technology by intellectuals in the province were inspected scales used in sacrifice outlets .

Aydın news:
Victims outlets of live animals to weigh qualify scales considered mandatory because Aydin Industrial Science and Technology Provincial Directorate of Measurement and Calibration by officers Efeler district within the boundaries Çeştepe in the neighborhood prepared victims sales around the scale of the examination, ready to use, was made.
during Eid al-Adha is an expression that is open to the use of scales Science, Industry and Technology City Manager Mustafa manners, citizens buy their own interests to take the victim said he was weighing . Kantar fails or accuracy in case of doubt of the Provincial Directorates \"0538 8670628 \"The phone call or municipalities measurement and adjustment officers to apply for wanting manners, \"Because of the Bayram chocolate and cologne for products such as the busy shopping unfolds. Citizens of our prepackaged as they buy 5 grams 5 kilograms much chocolate or 5 milliliters up to 5 liters of cologne on the package by weight less than amount to be established or doubt in the case , the feast after the first working day from the receipt/invoice and petition to the Provincial Directorates if you apply subject of the complaint in the workplace audit to be done. auditing end packaging by weight-products that are determined to put a smaller amount of administrative penalty to be applied to places , \"he said .

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