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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:33

Checkpoint 1 million worth of seized narcotics and drug

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Customs Enforcement teams, Gürbulak Customs Gate £ 1 million in the last one month worth of narcotics and drugs seized.

Ankara news:
an Iranian national who came to Turkey from Iran passenger's suitcase and backpack, Gürbulak Customs Gate on the X-ray devices to scan taken. Passenger's backpack , although it seems clear difference in the intensity of suitcases , Gürbulak Smuggling and Customs Enforcement was notified to the Directorate of Intelligence . Backpack that belonged to him , while he's in suitcases to process passport on entry , indicating that the passengers of another person , were escorted by teams after passport . Suitcases claimed to be the owner of passengers , goods that should be developed in order to flee to Iran stating that the tunnel was blocked by guards of QDM . Suspicious suitcase , backpack and be escorted passengers in the search process needed to be done was taken to Gürbulak Smuggling and Customs Enforcement Intelligence Directorate . On narcotic detector dog's response Aikau suitcases were examined. Seen in the intensity of X-ray baggage screening system detailed search was carried out by cutting the fabric components . Suitcases of the interior of a white powdered substance stashed methamphetamine was understood that . If the plate removed from the border of the substance weighing 2 kilos 420 grams of the estimated fair value was determined to be 290 thousand 400 TL .
Customs Enforcement teams, the last month of Customs at the Port of Gürbulak made ​​three separate capture event . These three events with a total of 8 kilos 220 grams of methamphetamine drugs, sex with 3 thousand 580 drugs were seized. In the operation of the market value of the drugs seized was determined to be 990 thousand 353 TL .

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