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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 15:34

Checks made ​​during treatment prevents Medical Malpractice

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Medical errors in the treatment process ( malpractice ) for the treatment of all phases of making a careful needs to be checked .

Medical errors in the treatment process ( malpractice ) for the treatment of all phases of making a careful needs to be checked .
medical errors and patient deaths , which means serious enough to reach the malpractice, most of the time of diagnosis, the diagnostic and treatment processes as a result of carelessness or negligence arises. Therefore, the patient's treatment is being done to the health institutions primarily physicians , including therein all the staff to be very careful and check again the need to increase .
Relevant information that Eurasian Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Wisdom was Mecca Ergüney , while the definition of malpractice often confused priorities also need to know the meaning of other concepts that drew attention . Of malpractice , and most complications (permissible exposure) mixed with voicing Exp . Dr. Ergüney , \"Malpractice any disease treatment or surgery, in that we can see are the problems . Example, a heart surgery of the heart to stop excessive palpitations have or clots is . Them to death might results. However, complications and sometimes prevent the is not possible . However, during surgery physician will be operated vessel accidentally cutting or wrong vein insertion malpractice''he said .
malpractice not to cause dOCTORS oN THE FALLING
malpractice not to cause the physician to be very careful emphasizing the need Eurasia Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ergüney the patient at every stage of treatment stressed the need to follow . Specialist Dr. Ergüney , \"for example ; Oxygen should be given to a patient tubes resemble each other because mixed carbon dioxide or nitrogen can also be given in the operating room . At this point, the physician's surgery, even when there team responsible apart from the many details would have to check ,''he said.
First, the physician's patient complaints very good listening and examination findings fully set forth should be underlined that the Exp . Dr. Ergüney ,''patient we when it comes to systemic examinations and necessary tests in full is required .
Malpractice to avoid , scientific facts in the light of the patient's complaints concerning suspected that the possible diseases to reveal we should ask tests not hesitate to ask should .
Example ; inspection requirements for the patient with a blood test blood iron ratio be low if the patient's blood iron deficiency physician in the treatment process jumps or does not see , the future also the patient's iron deficiency , depending on the will experience disease to predict the block, could not be . In surgery or injection may be in the case of the resulting malpractice . A measure of protection that sterilization to do , is rare wrong side of the surgery to be done is an example'testimony gave .
malpractice against to remain open to communication and treatment of the patients also underlines the need to be vigilant for the Ergüney ,'to me, the doctor-patient as a whole. Therefore, treatment with the patient's physician to talk about everything that comes to mind is required. The side effects of drugs or surgery and possible complications should be shared with the physician . Even before the start of treatment , patients who received information about this issue from a doctor malpractice already separates complications . Patients such as antibiotic has , as a result, the head turned queasy is the patient him almost immediately cut physician , call a physician also does not find the relevant unit call information must receive'he said.
Ergüney , under the leadership of the Ministry of Health implemented in Turkey since 1998, with accreditation programs encounter with malpractice rate reduced to almost nothing , he added. Accreditation under the program every step of the control mechanisms available indicating that the Ergüney the patient's medical rights as treatment view of the disease , that is what her medication or treatment that's what effects might be , damages , benefits , complications know today for patients they no longer spoken individually and do Get informed consent , he said.

Checks made ​​during treatment prevents Medical Malpractice" comments for.


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