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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 18:32

Chemical attack on what should be done immediately?

Chemical attack on what should be done immediately?
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How to act if the chemical attack on Syria, first, due to the Turkish public, how it should be protected?

• 4 deadly group's chemical weapons.

• Chemical poisons present in a part of the treatment.

• Chemical attack can be realized quickly with some of the ways.

• Bleach and plastic supplies can provide protection from attack.

the Syrian regime, a possible chemical weapons against countries that support the war in operation while engaged in their minds the possibility of attack can be found, experts will continue to make statements on the issue.

what should be done any time of the attack on a chemical found in the Milky Way Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Haber statements Honor Leading , a few important to understand the chemical weapons poison puts the emphasis on variety.

purpose of this weapon people, animals and plants, is applied to destroy the environment, or to neutralize them is to cripple Leading voicing, the most widely used chemicals Sticky Thread block of the nervous system, especially the nervous system, which eliminates group says.

second group based directly through the respiratory system, which prevents breathing suffocating gases ranking in the third group also highlighted as a very dangerous burning Leading describing gases"Leather-borne burning gases, again, by destruction of the respiratory system, causing the death of people. It enters the bloodstream directly after terminating a person's life by disrupting the exchange of oxygen in the blood ."He described the situation.


chemical weapons Referring to the point where it is an important pioneer in diversity, one to get rid of some of the poisons that are available in some of Antidotes kurtulabilecekken thanks Through these various measures is not an antidote, but retained kurtulabilineceğini , he added.

Leading the duration of exposure to toxic chemicals is also of vital importance Sticky Thread , some of the people affected in minutes ölebilecekken, the Sticky Thread for treatment of some of his time might underlines.

chemical poisons used in wars between humans bulaşmadığını representing the Cardinal,"that is transmitted through contact with these poisons transmitted by air . In this regard, the chemical poisons that people do not need to . So now your clothes off, you need to destroy clothes ,"he said.

noticeable CHEMICAL GAS HOW?

possible during an attack for the protection of citizens as they will realize how sort of chemical gas;

• is less than the sound of bullets popping sound.

• Fog and steam is busy.

• Almonds and felt a pungent smell like garlic.

• In and around water and oil droplets is questionable.

• Sudden onset of headache, nausea, image blur is felt.

• Other mouse, fly, insects can be seen in the dead.


Sticky Thread Sticky

indoor environments and shelters should be sought for a possible attack on emphasizing Leading "during the attack should be adopted immediately in a confined space, the windows should be placed on the edge of the cloth soaked in bleach" he said.

"Kids and grown-ups quickly wrapped in nylon, with a few things should cover their skin with the help of anything" said the Cardinal, chemical poison in contact with the deletion of the city but still bleach should stressed that.

no water and food contaminated with chemicals barındırılmaması stated that the Cardinal, even the slightest doubt that the immediate destruction of the foods, foods and Storing water in plastic containers said that.

Chemical attack on what should be done immediately?" comments for.


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