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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:25

Child Brides in the case , the defendant was

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Adana 14-year-old daughter of his uncle's son trial with forced mother died of diseases related to marriage , the groom dropped the case in suicide in prison by check or by rights of another crime.

Adana news: Photo by information obtained, still, 14-year-old daughter with his uncle SK with YD of the same age , go to 15 February 2013 the police station , \"They were forced marriage with the brother of our other saying,'he complained . Photo Investigations in Yüregir sitting on Dede Korkut neighborhood and living separately from her husband TA's (48) , daughter of SK , S.D. close relatives ( 49) and SD (46) given to the son of Rebecca D. , minced made ​​wedding without official marriage age for girls is small, it was determined that marriages are wearing wedding dress . Photo YD's also the sister of Rebecca D. , SK's brother was taken into state care, child brides marriage that is detected by the CC. Photo SK's marriage to the groom about the lawsuit filed in Adana Heavy Penal Court No. 2. Rebecca D. with about fathers and mothers'child's qualified sexual abuse'crime of the 8 to 15 years were asked to imprisonment. Other child brides YD's also related to the mated Island 3 was filed in the High Criminal Court. Photo defendants pending Ltd. father of the groom .D. , \"SK my nephew. I looked at him for abandoning his father lived until this house. My son and nephew have the same magic at home. They love each other and said they wanted to get married. Otherwise, how many would have said . We also consent to marriage, \"he defense. 10 , mother of 6 children, mothers with SD did not accept the charges in TK rights. The Photo Groom Rebecca D., they did a long time friendship with SK, decided to marry loving each other , the status of their families they reported , said they were with SK's consent.
SK expression , indicating that the complaining , \"I did not want before . Insist edilince I'm confused and I accepted . Let them away from me . I do not want marriage, \"he said .
Meanwhile, SK's mother died due to TK disease. Groom Rebecca D. In the prison where the prisoners from another crime last August, committed suicide by hanging herself shirts ceiling. Of Photo defendant after the court of the death , the accused dropped the case because TK and Rebecca D. dead.'sexual abuse to participate in'charged with 8 years until my son tried with imprisonment for mothers SD and father S.D. if it was decided that it is not to be punished . < br/> Adana regarding the marriage of child brides YD 3 trial in the Assize Court continues .

Child Brides in the case , the defendant was" comments for.


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