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  • 27 Ağustos 2013, Salı 01:54

'Child' play time is over, now opening schools as 'bully'

'Child' play time is over, now opening schools as 'bully'
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Psychologist Bu Kuzucu, mothers and fathers prior to the opening of schools,"Play time's over, no more schools were opened 'and' over the course of time to laze should work now 'words as not to get pressure on the children, he said.

school children made a statement about to be re-adapted Ayşe Kuzucu Acibadem Hospital Psychologist Kayseri, children, parents are advised not to get on the school-related pressure. Print everything is taken away from the child as a result has become more appealing to children Kuzucu transfer,"Parents think that these words yaklaştırdığını to school than children, but it can create the exact opposite effect in terms of the psychology of the child, the child pushes the school considered to be a state of fear. This kind of approach of the child school-related causes negative koşullanmasına. This is also a negative impact on school success. Yet again during limited hours play time children would be a repeat of the course as well as ensuring the success of just one hour a day to come home to reflect on the positive impact sweetly told. child on the lessons from print to network The only thing that you will want to be your daily schedule."she said.

Bu Kuzucu child wants to play the game the time of day, he decides what time it wants to study, warning,"prepare their own program. Consequently, a combination of courses you can do with the game itself sees the child and the child's self-income trust. printing carried out under the administration of the program without warning, and for the success of their child's classes have been more motivated to provide the approach. forget that, it's just not in terms of lessons, a step in success is to be achieved in the future."he spoke.

'Child' play time is over, now opening schools as 'bully'" comments for.


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