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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:16

Child Protection Act was described

Child Protection Act was described
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Child Protection Act more effective inter-agency cooperation and coordination with law enforcement to ensure the Malatya Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies in-service training for employees began.

Malatya news: Child Protection Act inter-agency cooperation and coordination more effectively to ensure law enforcement and Malatya Family and Social Policies of the Provincial Directorate for employees in-service training began.
Family and Social Policies Provincial Directorate Hall meeting held; Provincial Police Deputy Director of Turan Odabaş, Family and Social Policies Provincial Director Oktay Stone, Provincial Directorate and affiliates working in the vocational staff, City Police Department Juvenile Division and Community Policing and the Provincial Gendarmerie personnel who served in joined.
Provincial Police Deputy Director Turan Odabaş, Family and Social Policies Provincial Directorate together with the joint project development and to work together from the beginning stating that,"Children in the legislation of us facing side, we children how crime can prevent infection. safety of the two sides are. Firstly preventive measures activity and the second judicial turgor size. important to us and that are persistent and very difficult ones preventive measures is an activity. Or catch the prison put on for us is not the solution. Preventive measures in the context will make every activity a permanent and will be facing for the first goal of our child's crime to prevent transmission. Family and Social Policy of the Ministry of child protection with a very nice work there. Our community policing and child branch manager for all kinds of cooperation are welcome. together to be our strength and our ability improves. all of you for coming, thank you,"he said.
Family and Social Policies Provincial Director Oktay Stone If 5395 W Children Protection Act at the local level implementation and coordination title to assess met, said:"Child Protection Act in 2005 has been released. All practices child-axis of an impending law. A day in education aim Child Protection Act Our province special in the most effective way to ensure that such is"he said.
Child Monitoring Centers (CMC) provides information about the City Manager Oktay Stone, GRASS project, the children's hospital implemented via the expression, said:
"Children's monitoring center (GRASS) aim neglect, abuse, or any traumatized child's most rapid trauma to get over the work done in a single unit coordinated in a manner to fulfill the planned are centers. Provincial Directorate Us, Police or Gendarmerie came to notice when the child immediately protection 're getting it under. Provincial Directorate our colleagues are listening, at the police and gendarmerie officials are listening. social workers, professional workers, psychologists are listening. So the child beginning of the last events of 8-10 times repeatedly told is happening. beginning the intimate event itself is no longer a natural event sounds like. GRASS 'The purpose of this negative cycle to finish and the child the trauma experienced the fastest way is to remove.
child will be introduced at the hospital Mirror Room termed a room. Children beginning of the last events at one time will tell and will be recorded.commentary during which the institution's listening, if necessary there made and dinleyecektir.çocuk a second time, beginning of the last event anlatmayacaktır.b sense GRASS much we care a merkezdir.b type of sub-structures stronger at law better uygulayabileceğiz.özellikl of our ministry staff and law enforcement unit of the coordinated work of the child for the benefit is significant. we such coordinated study better for the child and beneficial to believe we will do."
at the meeting Institutionalized Children, Crime dragged Children, Working Street-Driven Child, Child Abuse and Neglect, Child Sexual Abuse issues training was given. In-service training will last 5 days.

Child Protection Act was described" comments for.


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