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  • 02 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 14:22

Children with autism, sports Delivers Big Growth

Children with autism, sports Delivers Big Growth
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Autistic children, music, physical education and art classes are only getting rid of negative behavior.

Malatya news: Autistic children, music, physical education and art classes are only getting rid of negative behavior.
Malatya autism Autistic Children Training Center students studying in 60 academic skills courses, as well as music, physical education and also taking photos. Especially in sports is a big improvement that saves autistic students, the school established within the clubs in Turkey throughout the competitions will also be attending.
Silent Steps Sports Club, Vice President and Physical Education Teacher Ali Khan, branches lessons kids on the great impact that record,"20 in our class academic skills courses are giving. daily living skills, nutrition, communication skills, literacy, traffic, social adjustment skills, life skills, speaking skills, religion, culture and mathematics is taught. course as well, especially branches of the courses on our children too can have big impacts. Musical, pictures and physical education our children's development makes a major contribution. 2 years opened job training at our center our children hand skills are developing,"he said.
Music courses some of the children's talent emerged stated that Khan,"music activities for the execution of all types of vehicles we have. our children a sense of rhythm in developing the music is important, we think. Especially some of our children various skills emerge. musical ear is very good with our children. spoken immediately grasp the can. expressed themselves very well're very nice and developments have achieved,"he said.
Khan, the children with autism workshop classes showed great interest, noting that"Painting and visual arts, especially fine motor skills of children in our beautiful development have recorded. Business training center in our wood burning or makes the saw cutting by our children small Reveals can. our children what these studies later also with exhibitions will introduce. fact, these sales even may be presented,"he said.
"OUR CHILDREN individual sense SPORTS join in the activities they"
music, physical education and art classes with the children's negative behavior rid of the attention Khan, said:
"Our children, music, physical education, and photos of the courses and training of the negative behaviors to extinguish physically, they call themselves the damage out have found that. This is needed in a short time can be created not things. autistic children a certain time is required. music, physical education and art classes the children of our negative behaviors very easily quenched could have observed. children's social and physical development of physical education amazing benefits of saw that. because both our opportunities have increased both our teachers in the number of was on the rise. these in parallel in our school sports clubs have established. autistic our children often individual in meaning competitions or sports activities can participate. Team sports for the moment unable to make the're not. Individually, athletics, table tennis, swimming, bocce, bowling and gymnastics can do. these branches of our children good progress up. Especially the sport of swimming in our children a very nice development there. course, we incident just in a sporting sense we're not looking. our children discipline to be, sit, stand, clothing wear the classes, that attention to boost encourage them. Besides, our children patience can develop. swimming events very distressed our kids who are trying to take. because our children some of them are physically capable of inflicting damage. But swimming activity during our children's behaviors very easily can get rid of. And for a long time, these activities continued, these habits rid of all We saw them."
autistic children's sporting activities, success at they caught expressing Khan,"At school we do with activities specific to a point enables us to go. This sense of sports clubs have established. sports club on to a higher level can leave the. Silent Steps Sports Club, our two years ago we have established. Achievement of course be but our aim our children to rehabilitate nature and socialization is that. these years that we have achieved successful study of a new sports club have established. This club's name Breathable Sports Club will be. previous years our school physical education teacher, number 1, while that number this year upped to 5. our children, physical education classes or activities with the incredible changes occur output. Especially Silent Steps Sports Club in 2013 as 51 units inclusive education field our child and 21 also autistic child with our events we attended. 72 athletes such for sports clubs is a success. Also in Turkey 21 with autism, with athletes participating in events one of Rotary,"he said .

Children with autism, sports Delivers Big Growth" comments for.


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