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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 17:13

"China and Turkmenistan, two rapidly developing countries of Asia"

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Chinese President Xi Jinping took over the presidency in March, Turkmenistan, Central Asia is part of a tour tomorrow.

Speaking before the visit to the Turkmen State News Agency

Xi Xiao Qinghua China's Ambassador to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan with China, the two fastest developing countries in the Asian region, he said.

January 6, 1992, Ambassador Qinghua reminiscent of the start of diplomatic relations between the two countries in the past 21 years, and especially in the last six years, bilateral relations between Ashgabat and Beijing have evolved quickly said.

walked relations of mutual understanding and interest in accordance with the Ambassador noted,"Every day in Beijing and Ashgabat flights Urimçi done. Turkmen students receive education in China. 8 thousand kilometer-long Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline Turkmen gas came to China. In the meantime more than 100 bilateral agreements were signed between the two countries,"he said.

Referring to the Chinese Ambassador trade relations between countries, trade volume of $ 4.5 million in 1992, while last year the figure exceeded $ 10 billion, he said. In this regard, China's largest trading partner of Turkmenistan said.

gas sector that has developed a good level of relations, Ambassador Xiao Qinghua Turkmen gas pipeline was commissioned in 2009, the province and the autonomous region of China has reached many expressed welcomed.

Ambassador in Turkmenistan 22 O takes place in the company of 65 joint projects, transportation, communication, education, work has been done in many sectors, including technology.

presidents of Turkmenistan and China come together for the first time that an Ambassador, visited many issues on behalf of increasing the assessed bilateral relations and signed a number of agreements to dispose said.

the first leg of the third round of the Central Asian on September-4 Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Turkmenistan in this country, which is the world's largest 2.doğalgaz bed facilities in the field of Galkınış attend the opening ceremony.

President Xi, ayırca Russia will participate in the summit of the G-20, followed by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to visit. Xi, Kyrgyzstan will participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit of Heads of State.

new President Xi Jinping, China, Central Asia, the third international visit his duty to visit the new. Xi to visit Russia and African countries in March, and the United States came in June, visited the Latin American tour.

"China and Turkmenistan, two rapidly developing countries of Asia"" comments for.


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