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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:55

\"China Rich Ederim you have ,\"he Defrag

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A woman in Adana , \"I've got gin, I fell in love with the one you rich , the elves would have to know the lotto numbers you rich ,\"he caught 30 thousand pounds defraud people .

Adana news: Photo by information obtained, lived in Adana Kozan and agricultural workers who start their embassies to Buoyant (42 ) daughter disappeared. Began to look for the girl with her husband on the one hand by contacting the police Buoyant on it.
\" We KNOW CIN is one of those girls to Find \"Photo meantime Return to Buoyant to a neighbor in the neighborhood \"I daemon I know someone who read that man finds just the location of the blow when the genie girl , \"he said . Buoyant gin is alleged Thereupon Adam Y. ( 28 ) told us to take the trouble by calling the phone number. Adem Y., \"Yes my gin I have found the right girl ,\"he called Buoyant Yüreğir Adana Bus Station . Buoyant coming here , I spoke with Adam Y. . Adem Y. woman , gin of saying anything to him , after blowing reading will tell you where in the girl, but said that she was paid for it.
< Strong> CIGARETTE ASH to believe NUMBER HAS MADE Photo Woman ago Adem Y. in disbelief \"how can this be , I'm going to trust you ,\"he said . Thereupon Adam Y. women \"blind your eyes, I'll put your right hand on the cigarette ash, but that ash then the eye will be opened when the left hand ,\"he said . Adem Y. put cigarette ashes into the left hand of the woman , when she held her female eye is believing you see Adam Y. is left in the hands of the ashes , \"Well, the money does not matter you found my daughter as long as I give you money ,\"he said . Adem Y. began blowing upon it read 10 thousand pounds then took money from the woman. After a while he returned home bulunarak the daughter of the woman.
\" daemons lottery THE NUMBERS YOU KNOW \"Return situated Photo Girl A Buoyant , Adem Y. to thoroughly began to believe . Thereupon Adem Y., \"I know the elves in their lotto numbers. I give the figures you are rich you play lotto ,\"he has received more than 10 thousand pounds woman. Women consistently played Lotto but somehow not store by Adam said this time he would be surprised every time the Y. gin. Buoyant , Y. Adam began to suspect .
\" If I WANT ONE OF MY LOVE YOU VERY RICH China Industry \"Photo Adem Y. , this time just by changing the method of female suspects from Lotto \"If you want me too rich China may fall in love with someone saying\"trick again 10 thousand pounds woman took the money . However, given that by getiremeyin instead of any of the promises woman was complaining to the police . Photo POLICE woman TOGETHER chinese ambushed , Catches Photo Adana connected to the Police Department, Public Security Branch pickpocketing and Fraud Bureau teams acted on the application . Police say the woman called again on rich will be accepted female genie of the meeting itself . Buoyant , giving an address in the neighborhood Resatbey Y. Adam told to come there. Police took the woman waited address . After a while, a woman came to the meeting point Adem Y. , \"I'll tell you my gin this time will direct the rich ,\"he read and began to blow .
Came to the meeting took Adam Y. Meanwhile police custody. Upon receipt of the statement by the suspect serious fraud charges were referred to court.

\"China Rich Ederim you have ,\"he Defrag" comments for.


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