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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:56

Chinese Program Pulled in Bodrum

Chinese Program Pulled in Bodrum
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China Airlines and China's State captured for television programs Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon was also a guest .

Muğla news: Photo Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon, China Airlines China Southern and China State Television Airlenes program makes group shots for CCTV met . Mehmet Kocadon information about the program, answered questions of the guests. China Southern Airlenes company director Zhang Yi , CCTV Reporter Xiang Lingling , CCTV Tourism Director Sun Liping , CCTV designer and photographer Zhou Xun , cameraman Li Jianhua ,, 0Web site administrator Qin Xiaojun , making the shooting of the program company officials that Mirsadegh Mani and Kouhestanirad Mahdi Join dinner program extraction was also performed. Photo 4 Chinese expressed their shot at locations in Turkey , Bodrum expressing their love , \"the basement is very clean and beautiful city . its unique , is a city and the people who maintain the texture is also very warm , approachable . a city that lives by night by day continually . we felt like coming home . \"said .
\" VACATION BODRUM they dreamed will LIVE \"Photo Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon with the Chinese State Television thank because of studies that have been done by China Airlines by \"our guests feel like themselves in the basement of their home at made ​​me very happy. When we look at Namely date actually are people from the same land . That is why one of the biggest reasons why we in this hot encounter, past our history is with you . end up being Among Today Chinese brothers very happy. Looking at the Bodrum has a history of 4000 years of history is because the father of history Herodotus of Bodrum born . Bodrum is a city creatures that lived throughout history. Today we look at Bodrum in Turkey is both brand city , as well as an attractive living space for 24 hours. in particular, we participate in fairs in China in the basement last two years. I believe as Mayor of Bodrum , in the next ten years China will be the world's largest economic power. Because the country is very diligent and hard work I think he needs holiday. Bodrum is the best of it so they can spend their holidays I think . Because the history, culture , life, nature and water sports activities such as the basement is an ideal area for them. Holidays they dreamed I believe they live in the basement , \"he said .
\" THIS YEAR CHINESE TOURISTS MANY in Bodrum STREET HAD \"found in the reviews about Photo Programs shooting President Kocadon, held in China stating that he wanted to participate in the tourism fair , \"In recent years we realized we increased promotional activities in China. This program, a result of this study. This year we saw many Chinese tourists in the streets of Bodrum . We have attempted to increase this number . Fair held in China, I'll try to participate , \"he said . After the Chinese Photo shooting, they brought gifts offered Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon .


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