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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:41

CHP Asks Council for Research Workers Dropped in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality's Here

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CHP Mersin deputy Aytuğ shooter , moving Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Assembly of the status of the last 5 months subcontractor employee thousand dismissal of 600 workers , asked for the opening of the Assembly Research .

Mersin news: Photo CHP shooter , gave the Presidency of the Parliament Parliamentary Research Proposal together with friends . In the proposal , Mersin Metropolitan status subcontractor Municipality 2 to 18 years working with thousand 600 workers , shooter , indicating that the last 5 months dismissed , \"Schools were opened, winter door görünmüşk made ​​the layoffs , the results in family magnitudes would cause severe injury community . Layoffs social explosions have been required to be addressed by the problem urgently Parliament without reason. we offer the opening of the Research Council for these reasons . \"The rationale Photo proposal , contractor system , to be more exploited workers , lower wages , pointed out that the form of employment, providing the precarious work shooter, especially the Ministry of Health pointed out that approximately 700 thousand contractors in public works workers . \"Subcontractor operation , structure and outcomes as is the current state have been cases of with slavery ,\"said the shooter , employees of these forms of employment and noted whether destined for Turkey. Photo \"Governments , ministers, \"We will make arrangements for subcontractors in the period ahead ,''we will take the squad , saying workers , being slept laborers , but are gradually increasing the number of subcontractors \"which featured the alleged shooter in the grounds , said:\"The latest Mersin Metropolitan Municipality of life of dismissal thousand 600 workers five months of normal/normal flow of obvious is not appropriate . Winter came on schools and the problems will be experienced by the rest Speaking of suddenly unemployed in number , and will help pave the way for social events . However, the layoffs have developed a strong perception that it was an ideological reason. social and economic problems caused by the subcontractor execute method is a fire in the center of society, and increasingly spread . Subcontractor run , politicians structure stems from laws that expose the ideological abuse. The economic model applied subcontractors method of operating a component , although not essential . To generate social and economic problems caused in the operation of subcontractors society because of the increasing size of the Assembly to deal with the issues and remedies were needed. \"

CHP Asks Council for Research Workers Dropped in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality's Here" comments for.


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