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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:30

CHP Asks for Parliamentary Research During the Mediterranean Games in Mersin

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CHP Mersin deputy Aytuğ shooter , made ​​last year in the Mediterranean Games in Mersin 17th President of the Court of Auditors'Report be formally documented by noting that many of the irregularities , the council asked for an investigation.

Mersin news: Photo Shooter , Chairman of the Parliament with 17 MPs gave the CHP Parliamentary Research Proposal on the Mediterranean Games. In the proposal , in the 17th Mediterranean Games in Mersin , the Court of Accounts of the Auditor's Report with many stating that official documentation of the irregularity shooter \"by public administration management, Mersin 17 Mediterranean necessary financial reports about their games and tables to SAI auditors was not given . despite numerous irregularities and to identify public loss , suggesting that we are faced with an iceberg . Turkey, future generations should be left honorable and clean an international sports organization history. to this end, in 2013 Mersin 17th Mediterranean Games , Parliament hand , from the beginning ended investigated and if any should arise what went wrong . we offer the opening of the parliamentary research these grounds , \"he said .
motion in the grounds of the 2013 Mersin 17th Mediterranean Games , he continues to come up with doping and after the political abuse documented irregularities and corruption were recorded . 17th Mediterranean Games General Coordinator of the assignments, business and operations on a large number of which raised the allegations of corruption , and then in the grounds raised where , \"Scandals started doping and continued corruption. Doping after the Games begin athletes have been identified and have been banned from the game. This we gave in Parliament on the subject of research proposal , first rejected then the event has had to set up a commission to investigate the doping gravity is increased, the power, \"the statement said .
the Court of Accounts , the game's controls made ​​after the end of August 2014, published that indicated that the rationale , the following testimony was given to:\"In the Court of Auditors Report'control , execute and audit opinion of the required financial statements to create ( financial statements must be prepared in accordance with the Central Government Accounting Regulations) Mediterranean Games Organising Committee ( AOOK ) not offered by'has been understood . determination will not affect the audit opinion and assessments title summaries were made with the following considerations:Some goods and services purchases are made direct supply breakdown in order to stay under the limit. In the same way business is open-bid purchases from the same person . Lump sum payment of a fee , and together made ​​goods and services procurement, there have been moved to errors in the cost of accounting and moved to records obtained ( total recognition error is about TL 60 million . ) Ask the service procurement conducted under the Gaming business institutions temporarily appointed civil servants firm hand fee has been paid. Mistakes were made in the accounting process. \"
Required financial reports and statements Court's because missed or can not be provided by the public administration management, Audit Report on the'Audit Opinion'report could not well taken care of grounds , \"Despite the findings , except for sports during the games'other games'shows that . The documentation is not provided or was abducted from control increases suspicions on corruption sizes. After the scandals and the documented irregularities occurred in the sporting section ,'for profit sports organization'shame revealed . Doping and corruption in international sports organization in Turkey is not a statement that it deserves . At least future generations to leave an honorable history to be addressed by Parliament in 2013 of Mersin 17 sporting and financial scandals that occurred in the Mediterranean Games was necessary \"was included in the statements .

CHP Asks for Parliamentary Research During the Mediterranean Games in Mersin" comments for.


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