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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:02

Chp Balikesir Deputy Namik Havutça:

Chp Balikesir Deputy Namik Havutça:
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CHP Balikesir Deputy Namik Havutça , 300 suggested that the risk of death in the mines in Turkey.

Balıkesir news: Photo deputy Namik Havutça , stating that taking lessons from Soma disaster , \"after the Soma disaster killed 40 workers in 31 accidents in the mines last 130 days ,\"he said . Photo Havutça , Parliamentary General Assembly to investigate the ongoing accident after Soma mine disaster in his speech on behalf of the CHP group on the research proposal , the temporary closure of the mine on June 3, 2014, a worker and occupational health and safety measures for scientific and monitoring by independent boards of up to shut down the mine until received, these controls after metals they offer the government pay their monthly salary to the workers until the said. Havutça , \"in Soma , Işıklar 301 of our compatriots means to continue these deaths if the dead\". Photo Havutça his speech continued:Photo \"He died in the land 301 citizens of our 103 in Balıkesir , Savastepe'also, in Bigadiç were children very young that we put into the grave with our hands in İvrindi . out of nowhere death , let's not do politics over the people's suffering. But is it also sormayal I ? deceased compatriots of our responsibility , was on the political responsibility of the union ? Energy Minister has noresponsibility ? Did not the responsibility of the Minister of Labour ? Savastepe Khan , our retired workers from the mine lost one of the two sons in the village told me:'The Namik Havutça , you then komisyond you , you are going to study there.I'm sent there for my son ?'I said,'No sending. losing his second son'I said \".

Chp Balikesir Deputy Namik Havutça:" comments for.


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