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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 17:26

Chp ,'Democracy , Corruption and Poverty'Conference Held

Chp ,'Democracy , Corruption and Poverty'Conference Held
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Republican People's Party (CHP) by'Democracy , Corruption and Poverty'conference was held .

Malatya news: Photo CHP Malatya Provincial Organization conference organized by the Public Education Center ; CHP Deputy Chairman and Malatya Deputy Veli Ağbaba, CHP Party Assembly Member and Manisa deputy Özgür Özel with CHP Corruption Investigation Unit President and Istanbul deputy Aykut Erdoğdu participated as a speaker .
At the conference'democracy'conference that gives the CHP Deputy Chairman and Malatya Deputy Veli Ağbaba, \"Our guess what we did in 3.5 years , explains what makes the AK Party, \"he said. Photo'we found our arms missile shield we are new MPs'uses the phrase Ağbaba, said:\"together, in order to prevent the establishment of missile shield i've struggled with you . we shared the AK Party's biggest lie of both Turkey and the world with the public. Ratio'a missile shield to protect Israel', we say it is . If today al-Aqsa printed , If people are killed in Gaza know that it is because of the missile shield was established in Bubbles . \"Photo Ağbaba, noting that say today what he said yesterday CHP , \"Ergenekon, Sledgehammer and KCK and B TVs cases come when'these political cases'we were saying the same things today we tell . We are what we've said on that day, we are saying the same thing today . Yesterday'these political cases'we were saying , we say the same thing today. Except for us not say the same thing any political party , \"he said . Because of the policies
AK Party follow Turkey's Ağbaba claiming that remain of no reputation ,\"Turkey is emerging before, as one of the countries close to Europe counted , but now the Middle East began to be counted as one country. This is because it is applied sectarian President and policies are prime . Turkey, Europe and seems to be a state sponsor of terrorism in the world. We live a full dictatorship. No democracy. They do it ,'New Turkey'I offer . This new everyone in Turkey need to be careful \"he argued .
SPECIAL:\" OTHERWISE PROVE they ET , resigned WOULD \"Photo CHP Party Assembly Member and Manisa deputy Özgür Özel , noting that some of the promises are kept after the mining catastrophe in Soma , \"Everyone did what ?, what has happened in Soma States ? Did words were kept ? he asks. 15 units had promised . From these words , he kept up with most of the promises made about the life they left behind we lost . Some of the promises were kept for the personal rights of existing workers . But health workers, we take a path length of barley associated with occupational safety and accident prevention . That's why our workers more than 21 units so far since Soma died in the mines. Yesterday's funeral was reached two more workers. Barring a miracle will not be seen in the world, that number will increase to 40 when it comes to the end of this month. Soma Look at those who solved their knees , and they put money in the mouth of the weeping mother and wife. You shut up , you yell , do not affect the surrounding and you forget the work he did just that. That the ruling party of the Republic of Turkey, let him prove otherwise encountered çıksın representative at any level , I would resign from parliament today , \"he said . Photo ERDOĞDU:\"< strong> We had been told THIS FOR YOU , YOU You PUBLISHING \"Corruption Photo CHP Istanbul deputy Head of Research Unit and Aykut Erdoğdu, \"Contracts are made ​​, operate, transfer is done according to the model. Build, operate and transfer model are they doing with the bridge and the airport . Tender,'You're gonna find you, you will make money ,'he said . Business people entering the tender'I'll do it \"he says and bidding accordingly. The tender came after supporters'We'll do it, but nobody does not give us money. Treasury has assured me ,'they said . Treasury , our nation's currency . Treasury gave them to do their financing guarantee . All of these children will pay you for your coins . Now all this media is not talking to anyone but 5 years later future with us .'This country was sunk by the warranties'will say. Looking into the eyes of me ,'we'd tell you these things, you guys were to publish'I'll say, \"he said .

Chp ,'Democracy , Corruption and Poverty'Conference Held" comments for.


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