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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 17:57

CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesman Haluk Koc:

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CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesman Haluk Koc, the Embassy of Japan regarding the events of these events is not pleasant, but overall diplomatic practices according to the official representative of the Prime Minister's wife said that the powers that be.

CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesman Haluk Koc, the Embassy of Japan in events related to their pleasant events that but overall diplomatic practices according to the Prime Minister's wife, the official representative authority said it was not.
CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesman Koç, Chairman of CHP CEC meeting chaired by Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu found in explanations. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AK Party group meeting in Parliament yesterday, the statement does not refer to candidates for local elections coach, Erdogan left the show at the conference hall of the Parliament, he argued. Candidates used in the promotion of short films is also evaluating the coach,"watching them, you think this geography for the first time Recep Tayyip Erdogan was discovered by. You would think the stone placed on top of each stone by him was fulfilled,"he said. If
carefully concealed the facts claiming that Turkey's Koc noted whether they discussed. Coach, Minister at the launch of the state's rendition of power they use as investment budgets and even CHP municipal services of the AK Party municipalities success as provide the community, adding that Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, the Parliament and the Assembly television this tool to be bystander should be said. Aries,"the National Assembly, such demonstrations is not a place, space is not. Every matter, the air into water-speaking Cemil Cicek, this issue a warning, assessment needs to do, we think,"he said.
Assembly television including 30 ' close to the television channel on them they feel pressure because this show live broadcasts that defensive coach, candidate presentation to the meeting publications Ferhan Şensoy a game such as"mandatory but mandatory,"he becomes asserted. Coach, Parliament's meeting hall, the AK Party headquarters or for the cost of a rented gym use as he argued.
A newspaper yesterday Located Trip Park on the events on the news the coach, news, events attended and taken into custody people 78 percent of the Alevi that effect takes place, noting that"Police say the people of their origin and by their faith questioning authority is not. question to be asked is; yours because you ran the police force in the hands of people of this country to rob, identity, beliefs according to the classes of information that the unit had been , Do not you?"he spoke.
Foreign policy-relevant Aries, especially in Syria and Egypt suggested that serious mistakes made. Prime Minister Erdogan's foreign policy, national interests shift the own in mind obsessed by shaping claiming that the Koç,"Mr. Prime Minister, Egypt, Egypt, Egypt ... Sudan from Egypt What is the difference? Al Bashir name you what reminds me of? Sisi a subversive, What the dictator Al Bashir? a democratic product?"said.
National Day reception in Japan , CHP deputy Kamer Genç Prime Minister Erdogan's wife Emine Erdogan to act on the coach, the assessment made:
"Embassy of Japan in some incidents in there, they are pleasant events is not. Their approval, appreciation by no one else is unthinkable. Woman's society and every walk of life in the area to have a voice advocating a party. Woman shift, the next position that any attitude against. This is our own politically-correct our. But overall diplomatic usages of the need to remind. Prime Minister Mr. wives official represented are not authorized. Social with private representation cases, positions are. foreign states' national days of those countries embassy made in a reception that country's ambassador after talking invited the highest official, the official Turkish invited talk, customs is."
Japan Embassy in Ankara at the reception two ministers noted there are coach,"official capacity despite the absence of Prime Minister Mr. wives get to speak actually strangest situation. Statement by the Embassy of Japan such a request, the request is also being expressed,"he said.
Embassy of Japan, Japan's official territory, indicating that the coach,"There Turks protection a congressman chuck attacking blow close to the action in the present is never acceptable. A Dear Minister great medium, up to insult the words to express, it is not pleasant"said.
In democratic countries, the prime minister of the wives, sons and daughters of the official state official status transport stressed that coach, but in Turkey it opposite situation is exhibited expression,"Experienced statements pleasant, stylish is not., but the Republic of Turkey a democratic state is. Dictatorship, dynasties, padişahlıkl managed not. themselves as such those who dream might be as it is today. This is a very welcoming possible. But nobody special position represents the image with a mission to confuse should be,"he said.

CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesman Haluk Koc:" comments for.


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