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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:00

CHP Deputy Chairman Enis Berberoğlu:

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Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman in charge of Communications and Media Relations with Enis complained, that the Sultanate of thought argued that presidential systems .

Bursa news: Photo CHP Bursa Provincial Department of Berberoğlu coming as guests , answered questions from journalists at the Crowne Plaza . Berberoğlu , the sultanate of thought and said a presidential system currently against state power, they are not facing . Complained, \"Mr. President what is the intent of the new Turkey is openly expressed . It is the union briefly name forces. Executive , legislative , judicial and media collection in monopoly is the new Turkey's my opinion summaries. CHP's opposition to this new Turkey passage is to give . I'll give the fight of it until our last member of our parliamentary group for the current parliamentary democracy. We have received state we face at the moment, we are dealing with the state. are elected from a party's presidential quota in a HCJP choice. really hard to understand , \"he said . basis of the Photo presidential system expressing the unknown complained, \"in France, the first of his control , as in any system in the country as practiced in America or in the world are spoken but did not say a thing about that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. will be which organization to balance any decision? the power of Parliament what will happen in the new system ? none of this is certain . so far we described the presidential system ,'I'll say , you are going to do . That's not the name of this presidency , the sultanate . It is the system left behind by the Republic of Turkey . I voiced person in the presidential system I see unfit earlier , \"he said .
A long time without causing casualties to deal with Kopani issue in Turkey , indicating that rejoice as every Turkish citizen complained, \"But in this business and the illusion of the solution process , It comes with nearly 40 casualties in Kopani action. This is what I want to look my principles . The foreign policy is not the obsession , made ​​real with , \"he said .
Accreditation voicing oppose the on February 28 Berberoğlu said:
\"I do not think Accreditation is the logic of nowhere implementation because it is not the accreditation of media representatives , their readers and Applying the audience. So our citizens are punished . \"

CHP Deputy Chairman Enis Berberoğlu:" comments for.


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