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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:39

CHP Discusses Special Soma Fezlekede

CHP Discusses Special Soma Fezlekede
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CHP Party Assembly Member for Free Manisa deputy and private , evaluated fezlekeyi prepared for the Soma disaster.

Manisa news: CHP particular, his assessment criticized the fact that removal of the file bureaucrats , \"Soma file slowly swept away are the actual perpetrators ,\"he said . Photo CHP Manisa deputy Özgür Özel , related to fezlekede of Soma disaster , \"Turkey's largest , the world's leading big business forensic investigation of Soma mine disaster , one of the murder driving a inertia annoy the public. passed 6 months after the disaster , and new created summary proceedings . in addition, expert reports prepared even though the concerned authorities , first held on the grounds of the consequences of political before the presidential election , after the presidential election the contents of Turkey't will make it very difficult on the ECtHR and lingered again on the grounds would also be the political outcome , although inserting September 5 officially recorded , was hidden until September 17 , hours after a motion given by us was finally referred to the file , \"he said .
\"in this climate , and print media , even boldly penned expert report that we thought it unfortunately event of the principal perpetrators of the head of government , Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Energy and Natural Steel Resources Minister did not take place Taner Yildiz . These people have saved themselves the expert stage of the justice journey to Soma , \"said Special , suggested that Soma file was marred. Kept private as follows:Photo \"Now , the Mining Affairs General Manager at fezleke stage , T the Chairman to , TKI bureaucrats from , examining the hearth of the project , to check and confirmation that MIGEM elements , which control the furnace last 2 years MLSS Labour Inspectorate on the grounds that expected the licenses to be granted to Work Inspectors said officials have been removed from the file. Expected for months , allowing investigation of the inspector said . Kim why , how, why and what \"request \"to not give the permissions on this investigation. Shadow fell to the already large number of files . \"Photo \" will be destroyed ON THE LIABILITY engineers and technicians \"voicing Photo responsibility of the engineer and tried to collapse on top of the technicians Special , \"seeking justice for the currently Soma employer and continues through the employer's representative. We say from the outset that this issue persistently event . Although 301 times aggravated written summary proceedings with life demands , although the CEO, the CEO and several executives outside destroyed all the responsibility on the situation in the mining engineers and technicians can be described as qualified workers, \"he said . Noting that
Private investigation in the bureaucracy of the disabled , \"Fezlekede ; Turkey's energy policies, circled around the law as unconstitutional the mines almost privatized operation with fast production printing, the occupational health and safety has been ignored whether disregard , government policies, not that of privatization policies and audit policies led to a disaster such as Soma counted and also if bureaucrats trial if they are excluded from fully investigating the senior bureaucracy considering bond will be set up in politics , \"he said .
\" FACTS forget, we will not \"Photo a special statement concluded:Photo \"only events that have occurred in the mine by fezlekede and is limited to those responsible for the mine . It is our concern ; In summary proceedings, the indictment phase transformation could save himself and a group responsible for this business just a few technician can proceed to the trial stage by being left on the back of several mining engineer who lost their friends inside. Concerned about this. Case for the establishment of public information and justice at every stage and will continue to follow in Soma not to forget the real tragedy . \"

CHP Discusses Special Soma Fezlekede" comments for.


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